Person:Charles Olmsted (17)

Charles Tyler Olmsted, LL. D., Bishop of Central New York
m. 27 Jan 1835
  1. Martha Wilkinson Olmsted1837 -
  2. Albert Howton Olmsted1839 - 1859
  3. Charles Tyler Olmsted, LL. D., Bishop of Central New York1842 - 1924
  4. David Olmsted1845 - 1846
  5. William Chadwick Olmsted1847 -
  6. David Wilkinson Olmsted1850 - 1873
  • HCharles Tyler Olmsted, LL. D., Bishop of Central New York1842 - 1924
  • WCatherine Lawrence
m. 25 Apr 1876
Facts and Events
Name Charles Tyler Olmsted, LL. D., Bishop of Central New York
Gender Male
Birth[1][3] 28 Apr 1842 Cohoes, Albany, New York, United States
Marriage 25 Apr 1876 New York, United Statesto Catherine Lawrence
Degree[1] 1893 D.D. - Hobart College
Other[2] 3 Oct 1902 New York City, New York, United Statesconsecrated Bishop Coadjutor of the Episcopal Church
Degree[1] 1903 D.C.L. - Syracuse University
Degree[1] 1908 LL. D. - Hamilton College
Death? 1924

Research Notes

  • 1867: Deacon
  • 1868: Priest
  • 1866-1868: Professor, Mathematics, St. Stephen's College, Annandale
  • 1868-1884: Assistant Minister, Trinity Parish, NY
  • 1884-1899: Rector, Grace Church, Utica, NY
  • 1899-1902: Vicar, St. Agnes' Chapel, Trinity Parish, NY
  • 1902: consecrated Bishop Coadjutor, Central New York
  • 1904- : Bishop of Central New York
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    6799, (Right Rev.) Charles Tyler, Bishop of Central New York; b. Apr. 28, 1842; grad. Trinity, 1865; member Psi Upsilon Fraternity; m. Apr. 25, 1876, Catherine Lawrence. ...

    Bishop Olmsted was born at Cohoes, Albany County, N. Y., Apr. 28, 1842, where he lived and attended school until Oct., 1852, when his father moved to Newport, Ky. In Jan., 1853, he began going to Brooks' Classical School in Cincinnati, across the Ohio River, and continued there three and one-half years, preparing for college. Owing to his father's circumstances he did not enter college until 1862, when he entered the Sophomore class at Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. Took B.A. degree in 1865 and M. A. in 1868. For three years after graduation he was a Teacher at St. Stephen's College, Annandale, N. Y., where he was ordained Deacon in Mar., 1867. In Nov., 1868, was called as an Assistant Minister to Trinity Chapel, New York City, and remained there until May, 1884, when he came to Utica as Rector of Grace Church. In Apr., 1899, he returned to Trinity Parish, New York, as Vicar of St. Agnes' Chapel, West 92d Street. In June, 1902, he was elected Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of Central New York, to assist the late Bishop Huntington, upon whose death, in 1904, he became Bishop of the Diocese. In 1893 Hobart College gave him the degree of D.D.; in 1903 Syracuse Univ. conferred D.C.L.; and in 1908 Hamilton College added LL. D.

    (Bishop Olmsted gets the Tyler name from his father's maternal grandfather. Comfort Tyler, who was a pioneer of Onandaga County, N. Y., in 1790 — mentioned in Clark's History of Onondaga.)

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    CONSECRATION OF A BISHOP.; The Rev. Charles Tyler Olmsted Is Now Coadjutor to the Venerable Bishop Huntington

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    ... Rt. Rev. Charles Tyler Olmsted, D.D., D.C.L., LL.D., bishop of the diocese of central New York, was born April 28, 1842, at Cohoes, Albany county, N. Y. His father, Charles A. Olmsted, was a civil engineer, and descended from Col. David Olmsted and Col. Comfort Tyler, pioneers of Onondaga county, N. Y. His mother was Ardelia Wilkinson, of Rhode Island, a descendant of Roger Williams. He graduated at Trinity College, Hartford, Ct., in 1865, and was for three years a teacher at St. Stephen’s College, Annandale, N. Y. Was ordained Deacon at Annandale in 1867, and in November, 1868, was called to Trinity Chapel, New York, as one of the assistant ministers of Trinity parish in that city. In December, 1868, he was ordained priest there, and continued in that work until the spring of 1884, when he was called to the rectorship of Grace church, Utica. His service at Grace church continued until April, 1899, when he returned to Trinity parish, New York, as vicar of St. Agnes ’s chapel on West 92d street. June 11, 1902, he was elected coadjutor bishop of central New York to assist Bishop Huntington, and was consecrated to that office on October 2 of the same year. Bishop Huntington died July 11, 1904, and the coadjutor bishop at once succeeded him as bishop of the diocese. Hobart College gave him the degree “D. D.” in 1893; Syracuse University “D.C.L.” in 1903, and Hamilton “LL.D.” in 1909.

    He was married to Miss Catharine Lawrence, of New York, April 25, 1876, in Trinity Chapel, New York City, and they reside at the present time in the bishop’s house in Utica.

    It was most certainly a great compliment to be called to the diocese of central New York, as it is one of the most intelligent sections of the entire country, and the distinguished services which Bishop Olmsted has rendered to the diocese are appreciated, not only by those of his own denomination, but by the entire religious element in the community. ...