Person:Charles Green (48)

Rev./Dr. Charles Green, of Truro Parish
b.Abt 1710 Dublin, Ireland
  • F.  Green (add)
m. Bef 1710
  1. Anna Maria GreenEst 1695 to 1705 -
  2. Barbara GreenEst 1695 to 1705 -
  3. Rev./Dr. Charles Green, of Truro ParishAbt 1710 - 1765
m. Abt 1728
  1. James GreenAbt 1728 - Bef 1796
Facts and Events
Name Rev./Dr. Charles Green, of Truro Parish
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1710 Dublin, Ireland
Marriage Abt 1728 to Margaret "Peggy" Boland
Death[1] 1765 Truro (parish), Fairfax County, Virginia

Deeds in Virginia

  • Between 1734-1743, Prince William County Deeds - James Whalley of Hamilton Parish of Prince Wm. Co. and Ann, his wife, to Charles Green.... land of Long Branch of Accotink, tract purchased from Thomas Owsley. Rootsweb Message Boards
  • 15 Feb 1743 Fairfax Deeds, Book B p. 362 - Charles Green, Clerk and MD, Truro Parish, sold to Ralph Green, merchant late of London, now of Truro Parish, Fairfax County, 102 acres on both side of Accotink and occupied by Barth Byran. The land, part of (an original) 600 acres, sold by Owsley to James Whaley and by Whaley to Charles Green. The deed mentions the old mill and Long Branch of Accotink. [Source: "(The Virginia Magazine of History & Biography", Vol. 100, No. 2 (Apr., 1992), pp. 233-264].
  1. New River Notes.

    "At a Vestry held for Truro Parish the 19th day of August, 1736. Mr. Charles Green, being recommended to this Vestry by Capt. Augustine Washington as a person qualified to officiate as a Minister of this Parish, as soon as he shall receive orders from his Grace the Bishop of London to qualify himself for the same. It is therefore ordered by this Vestry, that as soon as the said Green has qualified himself as aforesaid, he be received and entertained as Minister of the said Parish. And the said Vestry do humbly recommend the said Charles Green to the Right Honorable Thomas Lord Fairfax for his Letters of recommendation and Presentation to his Grace the said Lord Bishop of London to qualify him as aforesaid.

    Jeremiah Bronaugh, Church Warden.
    Denis McCarty Willm. Godfrey
    August. Washington James Baxter
    Richd. Osborn Edward Barry
    John Sturman Thos. Lewis"

    [1765] During the current year the Minister of the Parish, the Rev. Charles Green, departed this life. There is no formal notice of his decease in the Vestry Book. It was not the custom of the times to pass resolutions on such occasions. It is only referred to in the business items, four months' salary due being ordered paid to his executor. Falls Church and Alexandria were no longer in Truro, so it became possible to have another place of worship. Accordingly the Vestry rented from Samuel Littlejohn the tobacco house on his plantation, for one thousand pounds of tobacco a year, until a Church could be built in the upper part of the present Parish, he agreeing to keep it clean and provide water for the congregation. An agreement was made with John Robertson to fit up this house with six benches the length of the house and two at the ends; a reading desk and Communion table, with a small window on each side of the desk; to lay plank on the joists the width of eight feet, with a rail in front, and two broad, step ladders, and to stop the eaves; all to be done in tile plainest manner, within six months, for 1400 pounds of tobacco. When the house was given tip the plank used was to remain for the use of the Parish.

  2.   .

    A lengthy sketch of the life of Rev. Dr. Charles Green appears in _Early Colonial Churches of Northern Virginia_ by Robert Morgan Moxham (Springfield, Va.: Colonial Press, 1974), p. 7-13. It say (p. 7):
    "Green, an Irishman [Note 41], had received his medical degree in January 1736 at age 26 [Note 42], and embarked for America the same year. He was accompanied on the voyage by his wife Margaret (Peggy) Boland and probably by her sister Mary."

    [Note 41, p. 21: A deed of trust mentions property in Dublin in which his wife had an interest (Fairfax Deed Book D, p. 525); his will tends to verify this (Fairfax Will Book B, p. 398). The latter document also mentions his sisters Anna Maria Prendergast and Barbara Ware, both residents of Ireland.]

    The will mentions his wife's sister Mary Bolan, whom Green was apparently taking care of [from abstract by June Johnson].

    [Note 42: Virginia Mag. of Hist. and Biog., 33:53.]

    The biography and Green's will mention no children, though numerous other persons are recognized. Moxham says (p. 13) that "George Washington was an executor of Dr. Green's will and later spend many frustrating hours trying to protect the widow's interests against her estranged second husband, Dr. Savage."

    The Diaries of George Washington, v. 2 (Charlottesville: Univ. Press of Va., 1976), p. 181-182, contains a note, under date 22 Sept. 1769, regarding Thomas Montgomerie. "Thomas Montgomerie was a prominent merchant of Dumfries. The purpose of his visit today [to Washington's, for dinner] was apparently to discuss the troubled affairs of Mrs. Margaret Savage, the elderly wife of Dr. William Savage, formerly of Dumfries. Mrs. Savage's first husband, Rev. Charles Green, had stablished a trusteeship for her ... Sometime before 25 April 1767, she married Dr. Savage, who subsequently took control of Green's estate and assumed responsibility for paying his wife's annuity, giving a bond for that purpose to GW and Bryan Fairfax, who were to be her trustees henceforth. ... However, since 1767, neither of the annuits that had come due had been paid, and during the latter half of 1768, Dr. Savage had taken his wife to Ireland to live, leaving his affairs in Virginia to the care of Thomas Montgomerie. ..."

    Any research on Green's ancestry would have to lead to Ireland. It appears he had no offspring. Hope this helps.

    Donald L. Wilson, Virginiana Librarian
    Ruth E. Lloyd Information Center for Genealogy and Local History
    Prince William Public Library System
    Bull Run Regional Library, 8051 Ashton Avenue
    Manassas, VA 20109-2892

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    Name: Revd. Charles Green
    State: VA
    County: Fairfax County
    Township: Rent Rolls
    Year: 1761
    Record Type: Rent Role
    Database: VA Early Census Index

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    Name: Doct. Charles Green
    State: VA
    County: Fairfax County
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    Year: 1764
    Record Type: Rent Role
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