Person:Charles Goehring (2)

Facts and Events
Name Charles Goehring
Gender Male
Birth[4] 6 Jun 1844 Merseburg, Sachsen, Preußen, Germany
Immigration[2] 1847
Residence[1] 1860 Abbott, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States
Residence[6] 1870 Sherman, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States
Residence[3] 1880 Sherman, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States
Residence[2] 1900 Sherman, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States
Residence[7] 1 Jun 1905 Sherman, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States
Residence[5] 1920 Sherman, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States
Burial[8] Jan 1924 Silver Creek Cemetery, Silver Creek, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States
Death? 30 Jan 1924 Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States

Charles Goehring was only two and a half years old when he came to America. His education was limited to that of the common schools of those days and he grew up on his father's farm, learning to love the occupations which farm life called for. He became thoroughly acquainted with the various details incident to carrying on successful agriculture in a new country. He learned the value of hard work and continuous endeavor and these qualities are the foundation of his success today.

When he was fifteen years of age he left school to assist his father in the work of clearing and cultivating his land. He amassed a small amount of money by much saving and in 1867 bought the home farm of one hundred and sixty acres where he has since resided. He has improved the land, built many new buildings and installed modern equipment in all parts of his holdings. His farm today presents splendid examples of the modern comforts and luxuries of agricultural life as it is carried on in America today. He has three large and commodious brick houses, many barns and outbuildings and employs a number of men on his land today which his father would never have dreamed of when he cleared the little tract around his first log cabin.

One of the principal pursuits in which Charles Goehring is engaged and the one to which his personal attention and time are to a great extent given, is that of dairying. He is very proud of his magnificent herd of Holstein cattle. He takes a personal interest in the quality of his milk and butter, and his dairy and its products are well known throughout the township. Beyond his interest in this branch of his work Mr. Goehring is living retired from active life and has turned over his farm to his son. S4

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