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Charles Bourg
Facts and Events
Name Charles Bourg
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1740 Cobeguit, , , Acadia
Marriage 17 Feb 1767 Pleurtuit, , Ille-et-Vilaine, Franceto Marguerite Le Blanc
Immigration[1] 3 Dec 1785 New Orleans, Orleans, LA
Census[2] 10 Apr 1797 Valenzuela, Ascension, LA
Death? , , LA

!BIRTH-PARENTS-RESIDENCES-MARRIAGE: Albert Robichaux, Jr., THE ACADIAN EXILES IN SAINT-MALO; 1758-1785; Eunice, LA, Hebert Publications, 1981, Part I, Vol. I; p. 132, family #163; own copy; contains Family Genealogies A-G. Charles BOURG, born about 1740 in the parish of St. Pierre and St. Paul of Cobequid in Acadie, son of Francois & Marie-Josephe HEBERT (family #166). Charles disembarked at St. Malo on 23 Jan 1759 from one of the "Five ships." He resided at St. Enogat from 1759-1772. He married on 17 Feb 1767 at Pleurtuit, Cotes-du-Nord [France] to Marguerite LEBLANC, daughter of Pierre & Francoise TERRIOT.

!MARRIAGE: Albert J. Robichaux, THE ACADIAN EXILES IN ST. MALO; 1758-1785; Part II [vol. 3]; Eunice, LA, Hebert Publications, 1981; p. 930; own copy; Acadian Marriages in France [not in earlier edition]. Transcription of marriage record of Charles BOURG, major son of deceased Francois & deceased Margueritte HEBERT, native of St. Pierre & St. Paul parish [Acadia], resident of St. Enogat [France], to Margueritte LE BLANC, major daughter of deceased Pierre & deceased Francoise THERIOT, native of St. Joseph parish [Acadia], resident "by right" of Plouer, but in fact at Pleurtuit, after three banns read at St. Enogat, Plouer and Pleurtuit. Two dispensations were granted on 22 Jan 1767 by the Bishop for consanguinity, one of 3rd to 4th, other of 4th to 4th. Witnesses: Germain BOUDRO; Joseph MENASSO; Francois Xavier BOURG [my ancestor]; Joseph AUCOIN, no parties knowing how to sign.

  1. Donald J. Hébert. Acadian Families in Exile, 1785 & Exiled Acadians, an Index. (Rayne, LA: Hébert Publications, 1995), pp. 102-103.

    Charles BOURG, age 46, husband of Marguerite LEBLANC, traveled to Louisiana on the ship "La Ville d'Archangel" with family of Francois Xavier BOURG [whose 1st wife had been his own wife's sister] and Francois Xavier's second wife, Marguerite Pelagie HENRY, accompanied by Charles' wife Marguerite LE BLANC, age 40. Together they all constituted the 52nd family (of 11 persons) who embarked in France on 12 Aug 1785 and debarked in Louisiana on 3 Dec 1785. He was not issued his own supply of tools by the Spanish government [was he an invalid?]
    On p. 104, there is a Carlos BOURQUE listed on the debarkation list of 3 Dec 1785 at New Orleans, among names with no reference on the embarkation list. But could this man, who traveled with another family, have been issued tools on his own? He received 1 each of axe, hatchet, hoe, knife, large knife, and 2 shovels.

  2. Albert Robichaux. Colonial Settlers along Bayou Lafourche, 1770-1798. (Harvey, LA: 1974. 2nd printing Hébert Publications, 1980), p. 92.

    Charles BOURG, age 62;
    Margueritte LE BLANC, his wife, 53.

    Transcribed from PAPELES PROCEDENTES DE CUBA, Legajo 213.