Person:Charity Unknown (28)

b.Abt 1775
m. Bef 1794
  1. Simeon Harris1794 - 1838
  2. Joseph HarrisAbt 1795 - 1889
  3. Sally HarrisAbt 1795 - Abt 1830
  4. Alfred HarrisAbt 1801 - Aft 1870
  5. Mary A HarrisAbt 1805 -
  6. John Harris1807 - 1896
  7. Evan Harris1808 -
  8. Elizabeth HarrisAbt 1810 - Abt 1832
  9. Isaac HarrisAbt 1812 - Aft 1859
  10. Jane HarrisAbt 1817 -
  11. Israel Washington Harris1820 - 1882
  12. Oleana HarrisAbt 1821 - Bef 1847
Facts and Events
Name Charity
Gender Female
Birth? Abt 1775
Marriage Bef 1794 to Israel Harris
Death? 12 Sep 1849 Putnam County, Indiana

CHARITY was born about 1775. She lived in Indiana.

Charity died on September 12, 1849 in Putnam County, Indiana.

  1. The last will & testament of Charity Harris

    State of Indiana, Putnam County.

    I, William S. Townsend, clerk, of the probate and in the county of Putnam afore said do hereby certifies that the written last will and testament of Charity Harris late of said county deceased has been duly submitted to probate before me that a full and complete record of the same and proof and ______ of John Noster the witness by whom the same was proven have been duly recorded in record of wills Bk 1, of said county pages 150, 151, & 152.

    Witness my hand and seal of said court hereto.

    affixed at Greencastle, this 8th October A.D. 1849

    Filed Oct 8, 1849
    Will S. Townsend, clerk

    Page 1

    I, Charity Harris, widow of Israel Harris, Sr - deceased-of Putnam County and state of Indiana.

    Do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby, revoking and making void all former wills by me at anytime. Heretofore, made - first, I direct that my body be decently, enterred and that my funeral be conducted in a manner corresponding with my estate and situation in life, and as to such worldly estate as it has pleased God to in trust me with. I dispose of the same in the following manner: (to wit) I direct first that all my just debts, and funeral expenses be as soon after my decease as possible pay out of the first money that shall come to the hands of my executor, from any portion of my estate real or personal. I, also direct that a fair valuation or appraisement be made. By three judicious neighbors. Of all my said estate, including my household furniture, and after being signed by their names, that a copy of the same be given by them to my executor. I, also, direct that all be sold or divided as herein. After directed as in all usual cases. And to effectuate this my intention, I hereby, vest my executor with full power and authority from this day forward to transact, dispose of, and settle up all of my unsettled business, relative to my personal and real estate and to regulate all my papers and matters entire, in every respect, as I could do myself do, when in full vigor of life. I also direct that my three sons; (to wit) John Harris, Evan Harris, and Isaac Harris have fifty dollars, each, as soon after this date as it can be collected from my outstanding.

    Page 2

    debts and also fifty dollars each after my decease making one hundred dollars each. I, also, direct that my two daughters (to wit) Polly Hadden & Jane Davis have the following sum (to wit) Polly Hadden have forty dollars and Jane Davis to have fifty dollars clear of interest, until William Franklin Harris, son of Isaac Harris, Jr, becomes of the age of twenty one years and then and not until then, I direct that the aforesaid fifty dollars, be given into the hands of Jane Davis for safe keeping be by her or her executor given to the aforesaid William Franklin Harris as his own right and property. I direct that if aforesaid William dies, without legal heirs of his body, that fifty dollars to revert back to my estate, and by my executor to be equally divided amongst my heirs. I direct that the fifty dollars discounted to James Robinson in a note, discounted on the 15 day of February 1847 be the full and entire share of Orlena Robinson. I also direct that William Cannon Hood, my grandson have fifty dollars left to him to be loaned at interest by my executor and under his control until the boys becomes twenty one years of age and then put in his possession with its interest and if he should die without heirs, that the sum also to revert to my heirs, and equally divided with them, share and share alike. Direct that if their should be any remaining balance left in the hands of my executor after collecting and pay out, and a final settlement made that share and share alike equally made of the same to each of my heirs and of that remaining if any left, as above named, I direct that the heirs of Simeon Harris deceased to have one share, and Sally Woods heirs, also, to have one share, and Joseph Harris to have one share and

    Page 3

    Alfred Harris to have one share and Israel Harris to have one share and the several heirs above named each and all to have an equal share of the aforesaid named undivided sum if any there should be, and I, hereby make and ordain my worthy and esteemed friend Benjamin Parks, senior, executor of this my last will and testimony. In witness where of I Charrity Harris the testator have here unto set my hand and seal this third day of April in the year of our lord. One thousand, eight hundred and forty seven.


    Charrity Harris


    Signed, sealed, published, and declared, by the above named Charrity Harris, widow, as her last will and testament in the presence of us who have here unto subscribed our names as witness, there to in the presence of the said Charrity testator and in the presence of each other.

    Witnesses present

    NB, be it remembered that Evan Harris has previously had fifty dollars and I direct that he only have the last fifty names in my will, which will make out his share up to one hundred dollars and also _______ in the fourth line second page all before assigns.


    John Nosler
    James H. Farmer
    Charles G. Yount