Person:Catherine McCormick (5)

Catherine McCormick
d.Bef 1852
  • HJohn McIsaacAbt 1777 -
  • WCatherine McCormick1796 - Bef 1852
  1. Catherine Margaret McIsaacAbt 1819 - Aft 1909
  2. Elizabeth McIsaacAbt 1820 -
  3. Donald McIsaacAbt 1821 - 1895
  4. Mary McIsaacAbt 1821 - Aft 1901
  5. Ann McIsaacAbt 1823 - Aft 1910
  6. Kirsty McIsaacAbt 1825 -
  7. Flora Rose McIsaacAbt 1826 - 1906
  8. Alexander McIsaacAbt 1832 - 1918
  9. Harriet McIsaacAbt 1834 -
Facts and Events
Name Catherine McCormick
Gender Female
Birth[1] 1796 Dalibrog, S. Uist, Invernesshire, Scotland
Marriage to John McIsaac
Death[2] Bef 1852
Reference Number? 3284

The next family to arrive came from {South} Uist; they sailed from Loch Bo isdale on June 1st, 1849 and after a pleasant passage of six weeks they ar rived at Quebec. This vessel carried 437 passengers, all bound for differe nt parts of Canada; those who came to Mara come by vessel from Quebec to T oronto, which took them six days, and after a short stay in Toronto, th ey bade the rest of the party good-bye, and took stage to Holland Ladin g, which took then one day. At this point one of the party by the na me of "Pat Steele", was stricken with typhus fever and died, which ca st a sad gloom over the rest of the party; they buried him under the sha de of a large pine tree; marked and lonely grave by a rough stone, an proc eeded on their journey. They took a vessel called the "Beaver" to Atherl y; the hull of this vessel can still be seen at the Narrows, which separa te Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching. [In 1957 a rib from this submerged wr eck was raised by David Brown.]

This party consisted of John Steele, the father, two sons, Alexander and J ohn, and one daughter Mary;

{Donald and Alexander McIsaac and five sisters, [7 actually, including]: M rs. Alex Steele (Isabella [Catherine] McIsaac) is still alive though cripp led from rheumatism and she told me she was 98, and Mrs. John Steele (Ma ry McIsaac) is still alive and well, and able to attend to her household d uties at the age of 90.]}

Donald McDonald, his mother and two sisters; John and Anne McIsaac, half b rother and sister of the McDonalds, Hugh and Findlay Walker, Neil and Flo ra Morrison. Also John McKinnon and Donald McLean. This party are mostly a ll dead. [The two sisters of Donald McDonald were Mary who married Arch ie McDonald and Janet (Jessie) who married Donald McIsaac. Their mother h ad been Anne Steele widow of both an Alexander McDonald and Donald McIsaa c. Neil Morrison's wife was Ann not Flora.]

Donald McDonald died March 4th, 1898 aged eighty years. Mrs. Carey (Mary S teele) died February 6th, 1907 aged eighty years. Mrs. Joseph Lee (Flora M cIsaac) died November 6th, 1906 aged 77 years.

Mrs. Neil Morrison died September 28th, 1896 aged 105 years.

Mrs. Mary McDonald is alive but in very poor health at 82 [widow of Archie ].

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