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Caroline Brooks
  1. Mary Brooks1822 - 1832
  2. Jane Brooks1824 -
  3. Caroline Brooks1825 - 1893
  4. Elisa Elizabeth Brooks1829 -
  5. Susan Susannah BrooksABT 1833 -
  6. Ann Brooks1834 - 1908
  7. Ann Brooks1836 -
  • HHenry Jones1824 - 1904
  • WCaroline Brooks1825 - 1893
m. 1848
  1. Samuel Jones1849 -
  2. Samuel Lane JonesABT 1850 - BEF 1855
  3. Althea Caroline Jones1851 - 1942
  4. Eliza Jane Jones1855 - 1940
  5. Amelia Ann Jones1857 - 1875
  6. Henry Thomas Jones1862 - 1935
  7. Clara Elizabeth Jones1863 - 1937
Facts and Events
Name Caroline Brooks
Gender Female
Birth? 4 Dec 1825 Leigh, Worcestershire, England
Christening? 31 Dec 1826 Leigh, Worcestershire, England
Marriage 1848 Claines, Worcestershire, Englandto Henry Jones
Census[2] 3 Aug 1860 Mormon Post Office, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Census[3] 1880 Millcreek, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Death? 13 Oct 1893 West Jordan, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Burial[1] 16 Oct 1893 West Jordan, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Ancestral File Number 1JNP79
Other? I am guessing in West Jordan Cemetery Description

England Timeline (1820,1830,1840) Emmigrates to Utah in 1855. Utah Timeline (1850,1860,1870,1880,1890)

Caroline Brooks was born 4 Dec.1825 at Crowcroft, Worcester, England to George and Mary Ann Arminger Brooks. She married Henry Jones. They had two children born to them in England.

They joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints about 1853, and left Liverpool, England 31 March 1855 on the sailing vessel Juventa. Their family was listed as number 85 in the Company of William Glover Total number of souls in Company 573.

Caroline, expecting her third child- in Aug., was very ill the entire trip across the ocean. When the weather permitted she was carried up on deck for fresh air. Arriving in Philadelphia they traveled by rail to Pittsburgh; by steamboat down the Ohio River to St. Louis, Missouri, then overland to Mormon grove, Kansas. They started the journey across the plains in the Milo Andrus Company 5 Aug,. 1855. Susanna Lane Jones, Caroline’s Mother-in-law, came with the Henry Jones family. They came under the P.E. Fund.

Encamped on the Big Blue River a terrible storm came up. All feared they would be washed into the river. It was during this storm that Caroline gave birth to her third child, Eliza Jane. Conditions were bad, the storm poured into her bed making it necessary for a woman on either side of the bed to dip the water out during and after delivery. Caroline was unable to walk for some time after that. There was no place to dry the bedding except on the wagon tongue and bows. When the

Company arrived in Salt Lake City 24 Oct 1855 her bed was still wet and moldy. Caroline suffered with rheumatism the rest of her life.

The Jones family settled in Salt Lake City where they all worked to repay the P.E. Fund and make a living. Henry was a painter and grainer by trade but there was little need for this type of work in Salt Lake City. He learned to do farm work and helped bring stone for the building of the Salt Lake Temple. A story he told his Grandchildren: His first job at weeding a garden he was just clearing the ground. The owner, noting this went into the house and asked his wife to fix “that poor man” something to eat. Said he, “Mr. Jones is so hungry he doesn’t know a plant from a weed". The truth was, Mr. Jones had never seen plants grow before, but was willing to try any kind of work to repay his debts.

Caroline was a dressmaker and tailoress by trade and she made the first suit Brigham Young had made after she came to the valley. They’re being no thread available she unraveled some of the scraps of material, using the warp for thread. When news of the coming of Johnston's Army, reached the Saints, Henry went with the group to meet the army and the family was moved south. When all was over they found, upon their return, the stone fireplace was the only thing of the home left standing. The house and furnishings were rebuilt. After some years Henry and Caroline purchased a farm in West Jordan where they lived the remainder of their married life. Henry and Caroline were sealed 31 Aug. 1867 in the Endowment House in Salt Lake. She died 13 Oct. 1893 at West Jordan and was buried in West Jordan Cemetery, S.L., Utah.

Caroline did not have the privilege of an education and never learned to read or write. She was true and faithful to the Church and her God. She never heard a word from her people again after leaving England.

I am proud to be her great granddaughter. I do not know the names of her brothers and sisters. Her children are as follows:

Samuel lane born about 1850 -- -- Believed drowned at sea. Althea Caroline born 3 Sept. 1851. Eliza Jane born 10 Aug. 1855. Amelia Ann born 1 Jan. 1857. Henry Thomas born 27 July 1862. Clara Elizabeth born 16 Nov. 1863. These children have all been sealed to their parents.

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    40.60809 / -111.92827

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