Person:Camilo Padilla (2)

m. 16 OCT 1843
  1. Jose Santiago PADILLA1844 -
  2. Jose Ramón PADILLA1846 - Bef 1900
  3. Guadalupe PADILLA1848 -
  4. Maria Trinidad PADILLAAbt 1849 -
  5. Maria Lucia Padilla1854 - 1920
  6. Plácido PADILLAAbt 1856 -
  7. Ruperto PADILLAAbt 1859 -
  8. Felipe Padilla1860 - 1934
  9. Camilo Padilla1865 - 1933
  10. Sixta PADILLAAbt 1866 -
  11. Francisco PADILLAAbt 1867 -
m. ABT 1898
  1. Unknown Padilla, infantAbt 1899 - Bef 1900
  2. Unknown Padilla, childAbt 1900 - Bef 1910
Facts and Events
Name[1] Camilo Padilla
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][3][5] 1865 Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
Census? 1870 Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
Census[1] 1880 Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
Occupation[1] 1880 Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, United StatesHerder
Marriage ABT 1898 to Luisa B. Unknown
Census[2] 1900 Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
Occupation[2] 1900 Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, United StatesSpanish translator
Occupation? 1920 Proprieter of magazine [shop?] (1910); Editor of Spanish magazine
Death[3] 23 Nov 1933 Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
Education[3] St. Michael's College, Santa Fe; Jesut College of Las Vegas, New Mexico

1. In 1900 Census they reside on College St., Santa Fe, among several Delgado families.
2. The enumerator for ED#126 was a Camilo Padilla.
3. On 1900 Census, he could read and write, speak English.
4. In 1880 Census, lists birth as June 1865
5. Resides at 1219 Missouri St., El Paso, Texas (1910); 240 Porfirio Diaz St., El Paso (1920).
6. Moved to El Paso about 1907.
7. Listed as an employer in 1920.+
8. Camilo was one of the first HIspanic newspaper publishers in America. He wrote and edited many works.

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