Person:Caleb Masterson (1)

Caleb Masterson
b.Abt 1750
Facts and Events
Name Caleb Masterson
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1750
Residence[1] 1779 Kentucky, Virginia, United Statescame to Kentucky
Residence[1] 1780 Kentucky, Virginia, United StatesBryan's Station
Death? Bourbon, Kentucky, United States
Other[1] Apr 1819 Bourbon, Kentucky, United Statesgives deposition
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    Depositions taken Apr. 15, 16, 1819
    To establish preemption of John Miller on Hinkstons Creek.
    - Cave Johnston, at home of Robert E. Miller at Millersburg, states he was deputy surveyor of Fayette Co. and made John Miller's original survey in 1783.
    - Deposition of James Feryman in same.
    - Deposition of William Miller states in April, 1775, he, in company with abt. four men, came to Ky., up Licking to lower Blue Licks and traversed the county to find suitable place to improve,
    --- that John Miller, William Steele, William McClintock, Alexander Pollock and others composed the company,
    --- that John Miller, Alexander Pollock, John Stear and himself built John Miller's improvement in 1775, and
    --- after all the company had improved they went back to Penn., same year, and
    --- in 1776 he, John Miller and Alexander Pollock and some others returned to Ky.
    --- Further states that when he and his co. landed at lower Blue Licks 1775 they met John Hinkston and his co. of abt. fifteen,
    --- that John Martin and James Cooper were of Hinkston's co.,
    --- that in 1776 John Miller and Alexander Pollock went to John Cooper's, who was another of Hinkston's co., and bought corn which he had raised in 1775.
    - William Steele states in 1775 he and about eight of his co. traveled toward Ky. River and met one David McGee from Boonesborough.
    - William McClintock deposeth he returned to Penn. 1775 and did not come back with others of said co., and not until 1784.
    - James McMillan deposeth he came to Boonesborough March, 1776, his brothers, John and Robert, came to Ky. 1775, he heard Simon Kenton, John Fleming and Jonathan McMillan and one Cooper speak of Miller's improvement,
    --- that William McClelland, William Miller and Samuel Nesbit had improved about a mile or mile and quarter from Millersburg.

    Depositions taken Apr. 23, 1819
    To establish William McClelland's land on waters of Hinkston.
    - Col. Cave Johnson deposeth at the home of Elisha McClelland, that he surveyed said settlement in 1783.
    - Deposition of Henry Swift in same.
    - Deposition of William Miller states he came to Ky. with seven or eight others in 1775 and
    --- in 1776 he and his brother, John and James McGran made improvement for William McClellan.
    - Deposition of Caleb Masterson states
    --- he came to Ky. 1779 to Lexington and Bryan's Station and
    --- in 1780, he, with others, came from Bryan's Station to lower Blue Licks.