Person:Caleb Hazel (2)

Caleb Hazel, Sr.
b.1756 Virginia
  • HCaleb Hazel, Sr.1756 - abt 1833
  • WElizabeth1761 - 1811
m. 14 Feb 1783/85
  1. Richard Hazel1786 -
  2. Peter Hazel1787 -
  3. Lydia Hazelabt 1790 -
  4. Caleb Hazel, Jr.abt 1791 - 1859
m. 12 Oct 1816
Facts and Events
Name Caleb Hazel, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? 1756 Virginia
Residence? bef 1783 Hampshire County, Virginia
Marriage 14 Feb 1783/85 Nelson, Kentucky, United States[she is the widow Hall]
to Elizabeth
Other? 1795 Hardin, Kentucky, United Statesappointed Surveyor of a road from "mouth of Knob Creek to Hazel's cabin" Citation needed
Other? 30 Jan 1813 Nelson, Kentucky, United StatesCaleb Hazel Jr. marries Mary 'Polly' Atherton
Marriage 12 Oct 1816 Hardin, Kentucky, United States[2nd wife]
to Mary Stevens
Census[1] 1820 Hart, Kentucky, United States
Death? abt 1833 Kentucky, United Statessupposedly died aboard a boat on the Ohio River enroute to visit son Peter Citation needed
  1. Household Recorded, in Hart, Kentucky, United States. 1820 U.S. Census Population Schedule.
  2.   Family Notes, Secondary quality.

    == Cabel Hazel Sr. ==
    "According to the testimony of Abraham Lincoln, the name of his 2nd school teacher was Caleb Hazel. Like his predecessor, Zachariah Riney, Hazel was an itinerant pedagogue but a resident of long standing in the Knob Creek Community. He was closely associated with both of the parents of the president, as will be shown.

    Sometime in the year 1785, Hazel married the Widow (Elizabeth) Hall. On Nov. 1, 1788, he signed an agreement to pay her orphan children, Elizabeth, Levi, David & Henry, "the sum of five pounds each" which was due them from the estate of their father who had been killed by Indians. (These children were the half brothers and sisters of Caleb Hazel, Jr.

    Elizabeth Hall and Levi Hall both married children of Joseph Hanks, said to be the grandfather of Nancy Hanks, Abraham Lincoln's mother. On Jan 10, 1794, Caleb Hazel signed an endorsement as a witness to a land transaction which took place between two sons of the Joseph Hanks. (Elizabeth & Leva's children would have been blood relations to Lincoln to by their children's births, Nancy Hanks was an aunt to the children born to Levi & Elizabeth)......"

    == Abraham Lincoln's Scoolteacher ==
    *AUTUMN 1815. Hardin County. "Before leaving Kentucky he Abraham and his sister were sent for short periods, to A. B. C. schools, the first kept by Zachariah Riney, and the second by Caleb Hazel." The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Roy P. Basler, Editor, Rutgers; 1953 IV, 61. [Riney, a Catholic, presumably kept subscription school on location of present town of Athertonville, two miles northeast of Lincoln's farm. Sarah and Abraham attended this school for a few weeks in fall of 1815. In fall of 1816 Caleb Hazel, who lived across the road from the Lincolns, taught the school. Albert J. Beveridge, Abraham Lincoln 1809-1858, I, 28.]
    *OCTOBER 12 1816. Thomas Lincoln signs marriage bond of Caleb Hazel, his nearest neighbor and Abraham's schoolteacher. Marriage Bonds, 1816, Hardin Circuit Court; Warren, 119-20.]
    :Source Miers, Earl Schenck, Editor; Baringer, William E. Lincoln Day by Day: A Chronology, 1809-1865, Volume I: 1809-1848 . Washington, D. C.: Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission, 1960. [format: book], [genre: biography]. :Permission: :Northern Illinois University
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