Person:Buddy Smith (1)

Buddy Shirl Smith
Facts and Events
Name Buddy Shirl Smith
Gender Male
Birth[1] 21 Jul 1943 St. George, Washington, Utah
Death[2] 6 Jan 2003 Tucson, Pima, Arizona

Buddy had an accident in Tucson, Arizona and ended up in the hospital and woke up and she a s tudent nurse in training school. and he saw her and told her he was going to marry her. Tha t was inthe spring. Got out of the hospital and went back to work and saved up money and sh e packed her whole house into an air conditioner box and her dad couldn'tmove it, so she

I was living upstairs her stuff came in 5 big boxes and a hamper. We got married in the fron t room of Mable's house. They tried lookingfor churches and the missionaries came and invite d us to a meeting. It was a report meeting. A girl got up and was so proud that they had go tten 400 namesin the rain.

Grandma Smith was living with Mable and Ray Harrison. She wentto Oregon with Ella May.left O gden in the military

Worked in a gas stationas a night manager for Dohr Corp.

San Antonio, Bexar County

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    Information from Buddy Shirl & Willisann Smith

  2. Family records.

    Information from Buddy Shirl & Willisann Smith