Person:Bridget Fitch (1)

m. 8 May 1687
  1. Abigail Fitch1687/88 - 1759
  2. Ebenezer Fitch1689/90 - 1724
  3. Daniel Fitch1692/93 - 1752
  4. Jerusha FitchAbt 1696 - 1780
  5. Bridget Fitch1698 -
  6. Lucy FitchAbt 1698 -
  7. Josiah Fitch1699 -
  8. Theophilus FitchAbt 1701 - 1751
  9. Jabez Fitch1702 - 1784
Facts and Events
Name Bridget Fitch
Gender Female
Birth[1] 1698 Lebanon, New London, Connecticut, United States
  1. Savage, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England: Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of Farmer's Register. (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co, 1860-1862), 2:168 plus corrections from p. 2: 584, 3:619.

    FITCH, JAMES, Lebanon, or Canterbury, eldest s. of the preced. was a man of importance, major, an Assist. of the Col. 1681, and prob. many yrs. later, had nine s. some by first w. whose name is not kn. and some m. 1 Jan 1676, Eliz. youngest d. of maj. John Mason own sis. of the sec. w. of his f. wh. d. 8 Oct. 1684, and by her had James, b. 1 Jan 1678, d. soon; James, again, 7 June 1679; Jedediah, 17 Apr 1681; Samuel 1684; and by sec. w. Alice, wid of Rev. William Adams, d. of Dep. Gov. William Bradford, wh. brot. him eight ch. Of these seventeen no date for b. of any is seen; yet we have the happiness of hear. the names of ten: James, Jedediah, Samuel, Abigail, Ebenezer, Daniel, Jeremiah, Thomas, Lucy and Jabez.m. 18 May 1687, had Abigail, 22 Feb 1688; Ebenezer, 10 Jan. 1690; Daniel, Feb. 1693; John, 1695; Bridget, 1698; Josiah, 1699; William, 1701; and Jabez, 1703.

  2.   Savage makes several errors even in the corrected list of children that he attributes to Major James Fitch. Regarding Bridget, she is not involved in the 1731 petition to divide part of the father's estate and no such birth record is found, so it is unclear what Savage's assertion is based on. Haskell Venard in his article "The Family of Major James Fitch of Norwich and Canterbury, Conn." in TAG, Vol. 46, says there was a Bridget Fitch who married 1709 Jonathan Bissell but points out she would probably have to be a child of the first wife if she was a child of Major James Fitch, a parentage for which there is no evidence, and in whose family there are no real gaps to place her birth, and so is very unlikely. She is often speculated to be the daughter of Joseph Fitch, an uncle of Major James Fitch, but there is no actual evidence for that either.