Person:Bohemond IV of Antioch (1)

Bohemond IV of Antioch
b.Est 1172
d.Mar 1233
  1. Bohemond IV of AntiochEst 1172 - 1233
  2. Raymond IV _____, Count of Tripoli - 1199
  1. Bohemond V of Antioch - 1252
  2. Philip _____, of Antioch - 1226
  3. Henry of AntiochBet 1198 & 1217 - 1276
  1. Maria _____, of Antioch - Aft 1307
Facts and Events
Name Bohemond IV of Antioch
Alt Name Bohemund IV _____, Prince of Antioch
Gender Male
Birth[1] Est 1172
Marriage to Plaisance of Gibelet
Marriage to Melisende _____, of Lusignan
Death[1] Mar 1233
Reference Number? Q349097?

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Bohemond IV of Antioch, also known as Bohemond the One-Eyed (; 1175–1233), was Count of Tripoli from 1187 to 1233, and Prince of Antioch from 1201 to 1216 and from 1219 to 1233. He was the younger son of Bohemond III of Antioch. The dying Raymond III of Tripoli offered his county to Bohemond's elder brother, Raymond, but their father sent Bohemond to Tripoli in late 1187. Saladin, the Ayyubid sultan of Egypt and Syria, conquered the county, save for the capital and two fortresses, in summer 1188.

Raymond died in early 1197, leaving a posthumous son, Raymond-Roupen. Raymond-Roupen's mother, Alice, was the niece of Leo I of Cilicia who persuaded the Antiochene noblemen to acknowledge Raymond-Roupen's right to succeed his grandfather. However, the Latin and Greek burghers proclaimed Bohemond heir to his father. After his father died in April 1201, Bohemond seized Antioch with the support of the burghers, the Knights Templar and Hospitallers, and the Italian merchants.

Bohemond made an alliance with Az-Zahir Ghazi, the Ayyubid emir of Aleppo, and Kaykaus I, the Seljuq sultan of Rum, who often invaded Cilicia during the following years, to prevent Leo I from attacking Antioch. Conflicts between Bohemond and the Latin Patriarchs of Antioch enabled Raymond-Roupen to seize Antioch in 1216, but Bohemond regained the principality in 1219. After Leo I's death, Bohemond tried to secure Cilicia to his younger son, Philip, but Constantine of Baberon, who had administered Cilicia during the previous years, imprisoned Philip in 1224. Bohemond allied with Kayqubad I, sultan of Rum, but he could not prevent Philip's murder in 1225.

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