Person:Benjamin Taber (9)

m. 30 Jan 1830
  1. Sarah Taber1830 - 1904
  2. Emma Taber1832 - 1838
  3. Thomas Taber1834 - 1834
  4. Thomas Biggars Taber1837 - after 1875
  5. Emma Taber1839 - 1906
  6. Benjamin Charles Taber1840 - 1919
m. 8 May 1866
  1. Cora Isabelle Taber1868 - 1893
  2. Thomas Constantine Taber1870 - 1938
  3. William Parker Taber1874 - 1942
Facts and Events
Name Benjamin Charles Taber
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][3] 12 Aug 1840 Somerville, Somerset, New Jersey, United States
Christening[3] Manhattan, New York, New York, United StatesEighth Presbyterian Church
Census[4] 16 Oct 1850 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United StatesAge 10, Van Vorst
Military[6][9] 13 Sep 1861 - 1 Jan 1865 Ohio, United States55th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Civil War; Quartermaster
Military[11] 23 July 1864 Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, United StatesOriginal Letter: Author Benjamin Charles Taber
Marriage 8 May 1866 Ohio, United Statesto Mary Isabelle Parker
Will[5] 6 Mar 1875 Will of his father, Thomas Taber
Other[14] 10 Apr 1889 Norwalk, Huron, Ohio, United StatesU.S. Passport Application
Occupation[2][8] 11 Jun 1900 - 15 Jun 1919 Norwalk, Huron, Ohio, United StatesDry goods merchant
Census[8] 11 Jun 1900 Norwalk, Huron, Ohio, United StatesAge 59, married 34 years, 82 West Main Street
Religion[10] 1909 Norwalk, Huron, Ohio, United StatesSt Paul Episcopal Church Founder
Death[1][2][7] 15 Jun 1919 Norwalk, Huron, Ohio, United StatesAge 78y 10m 3d; Date was corrected from 14 Jun 1919
Burial[1][2][7] Woodlawn Cemetery, Norwalk, Huron, Ohio, United States
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    Benjamin Charles Taber

    Nativity in Somerville, Somerset, NJ is not consistant with the known address for this family in 1839-1840 as 56 1/2 Carmine Street, NY, NY, and with the baptism location as the Eighth Presbyterian Church, Christopher Street, NY NY. However, according to the 1850 U.S. Federal Census, Benjamin was born in N.J. while his next older sibling and next younger sibling were born in N.Y.

    1850 U.S. Federal Census
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    Death Certificate: Benjamin Charles Taber

    File No: 38970, Informant: T. C. Taber of Norwalk, Ohio [son]

    Death Certificate for B.C. Taber
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    Benjamin Charles Taber
    name: Benjamin Charles Taber
    gender: Male
    birth date: 12 Aug 1840
    birthplace: NEW YORK, NEW YORK,
    father's name: Thomas Taber
    mother's name: Sarah Ann
    indexing project (batch) number: C53510-2
    system origin: New York-VR
    gs film number: 503620
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    The record for Benjamin Charles Taber says "baptized before Thos T joined the 42nd St Church." Although there is no record, it is likely Benjamin Charles was baptized at the Eighth Presbyterian Church as his father was a member of that that church and his older brother, Thomas Biggars and older sister, Emma, were baptized there. An alternate possibility would be that Benjamin Charles was baptized in Somerville, N.J. where he was born.

    Member 42nd Street Presbyterian Church
  4. Thomas Taber family, in Hudson, New Jersey, United States. 1850 U.S. Census Population Schedule, 16 Oct 1850.
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  5. Codicil, in Will and Codicil of Thomas Taber, pg 1-2, 6 Mar 1875.

    To my son "Benjamin Charles," the pair of life size portraits of his Father & Mother, whom I constitute & appoint sole executor.

  6. Osborn, Hartwell, and 55th (1861-1865) United States. Army. Ohio Infantry Regiment. Trials and triumphs, the record of the Fifty-fifth Ohio volunteer infantry. (Chicago, Illinois: A C McClurg & Co, 1904), pg 246, 1904.

    First Lieutenant Benjamin C. Taber was born August 12, 1840. He enlisted in Company D, and was appointed Quartermaster Sergeant September 13, 1861. He was the first person to enlist in the Fifty-Fifth Regiment. He was promoted to First Lieutenant and Regimental Quartermaster Jul 17, 1862; the latter office he held until his muster-out on expiration of term of service, January 1, 1865. He was detailed as Brigade Quartermaster in the summer of 1863, and served in this capacity until the Atlanta campaign, during which he acted as Division Quartermaster. He was a most efficient and reliable officer, never absenting himself a single day from duty. Shortly after leaving the service he engaged in mercantile persuits, and has ever since been proprietor of one of the largest mercantile establishments in Norwalk and its vicinity, in which business he has been eminently successful.

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    Benjamin Charles Taber

    Prefix/Suffix: MR
    Last Name: TABER
    First Name: BENJAMIN
    Middle Name: CHARLES
    Spouse Last Name: PARKER
    Spouse First Name: MARY
    Age at Time of Death: 79
    City of Death: NORWALK
    State of Death: OH
    Year of Marriage: 1866
    Month of Death: 6
    Day of Death: 15
    Year of Death: 1919
    Month of Birth: 8
    Day of Birth: 6
    Year of Birth: 1840

    There are 3 newspaper sources.

    Source: Norwalk Reflector-Herald, 9 May 1916, Pg 5 Col 5
    Source: Norwalk Reflector-Herald, 16 Jun 1919, Pg 1 Col 1
    Source: Sandusky (OH) (Daily) Register, 17 Jun 1919, Pg 2 Col 1

    Benjamin Charles Taber Grave Monument
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    Civil War Record P1 Civil War Record P2 Civil War Record P3 Civil War Record P4 Civil War Record P5 Civil War Record P6
  10. St Paul Episcopal Church, Norwalk, Ohio.
  11. Original Letter from B.C. Taber to Thomas Biggars Taber, 23 July 1864.

    Three Miles from Atlanta, Geo.
    July 23rd, 1864

    Dear Bro Tom,
    Your long looked for letter came safely to L------. I had begun to think that you had struck me off from your list of correspondants. We are now on the eighty first day of this campaign. The longest on ------ and no sign of ending yet. We have driven the enemy one hundred and fifty miles and have not got through driving him by any means. Our guns to day throw shells into Atlanta. We had a splendid fight the afternoon of the 20th ---. For the first time during this campaign the rebels left their entrer---------- and attacked us and if they ever do it again it will be because they have forgotten the night of the 20th day of July 1864. We literally piled them in heaps. Killed at least 10 men of theirs to every one of ours killed or wounded. The rebels claim however that Atlanta is their ditch. That they will either whip us here and in the attempt Everybody expects the severest battle of the campaign at this point. And “we uns” are confident of success. We met with a great loss last night in the death of Genl McPherson Connely De- of the Tennessee, by rebel bullets. Owing to the frequency of raids all trains are kept within one mile of the troops. So we of the Gnl. Dept have first rate opportunity to see what is going on. My old reg’t the 55 o.v.l. lost its Col. Lt. Col. & major four Captains, five Liuts and it’s proportion of enlistees during this campaign.
    Father complaints sadly of the non receipt of any letters from you. Why do you not write? If you could only be at home and see how anxiously poor Father watches the P.O. and how much real pleasure it gives him to receive letters from his children. I know you would be a little more thoughtful and write frequently. You know as well as I the farness of pleasure in Father’s ever monotonous life. Are you as careful of your hard earned salary as ever? “Rainy days
    will be numerous at the expiration of your service or close of the war. You write it would give you pleasure to reference letter to me Capt & c. that will not happen until I have served my term, gone home, and made up my mind that I had not seen enough of the service. For you know that to except a promotion it involves the necessity of being re-mustered for Three Years longer. That extra Three Years at this writing cannot be seen by the subscriber. I could have had a Captaincy in the Line 18 months ago. That I viewed in the same light as I now do the extra three years. I can get a Captaincy --- Commission in short notice after having doffed the “buttons,” and assumed the sober garb of a citizen. Three Years without respite is long enough for one pull. I will have served three years on the 6th of October next but my Commission will hold me until next April (probably) Through Father I hear from Sarah occasionally, but not from Emma. Do you ever hear from her? I am really glad to hear that you have got into the Commissary Dept and are so pleasantly situated. Hope you will keep there Glad to hear you have only fourteen months longer to serve. Please write often to me and to Father and believe me

    Your Aff. Bro. Ben.

    P.S. no more B. Chas for me, rather Benj. C. I like Ben the best after all
    Direct 3rd Brig. 3rd Div. 20th Confd. Army of Cumberland

    Letter Page 1 Letter Page 2 Letter Page 3
  12.   B.C. Taber Family Bible.
    B.C. Taber Family Bible
  13.   Norwalk Reflector Herald, Monday August 16, 1919


    b. Aug. 12, 1840 Somerville NJ
    d. June 15, 1919 Norwalk OH, Woodlawn Cemetary OH
    78 years old
    m. May 8, 1866
    Mary Isabella Parker, daughter C.S. Parker, Norwalk OH
    b. Jan. 6, 1844 Norwalk OH
    d. August 7, 1928 Norwalk OH

    1. B. C. Taber was born in Somerville NJ. Son of Thomas Taber, Cumberland England, who came to America May 10, 1831. It is believed that his mother was Sarah Anne Rogerson, the first of two wives of Thomas.

    2. B. C. moved to Norwalk April 16, 1856 at the age of 16 to work in the Parker Brothers store. B. C. was enticed to move to Norwalk from New York City where C. S. Parker met him during a buying trip.

    3. Joined the 55th regiment in Huron County during the War of the Rebellion. He served throughout the war coming home a Captain.

    4. He served from Sept. 1861 (just 21 years old) to Dec. 1864; three years and three months.

    5. Immediately following the war he established a business partnership headquartered in Washington, D. C. The flier that described the company is as follows: Wm. Smith and B. C. Taber of SMITH & TABER. "Army and Navy Agency, Prize Claims, Bounties, arrears of pay, pensions, horse claims, and government claims generally adjusted and collected; Room No. 4 Washington Buildings, cor. 7th St. and Penn, Ave, Washington, D. C. Officers' Accounts Settled, Certificates of Non-Indebtedness Procured at the shortest notice. Money advanced during the settlement of accounts; special attention given to Officers' Accounts where Company records have been lost. Or where proper returns have never been rendered; Stoppages of Pay removed. Applications by mail will receive as prompt attention as if made in person. Vouchers against the Government bought. (This was printed by Gibson Brothers Press, Washington)

    6. Memberships included: Loyal Legion, the Grand Army of the Republic, the vestry of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Norwalk OH.

    7. He was instrumental in the building St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Norwalk OH as well as Memorial Hospital, Norwalk OH.

    8. He was one of the original incorporators of Huron County Banking Company (subsequently purchased by National City Bank, Cleveland in the 1960s) and was President until his death.

    9. He was widely known as a merchant and financier.

    10. He had a stroke Jan. 7, 1917 and his health diminished from that date until his death June 15,1919.

    11. The name of his mercantile store evolved from Parker Brothers (owned by his wife's father C. S. Parker and Welcome O. Parker two Vermont brothers who first moved to Vermillion OH and then Norwalk OH), Parker Manaham & Taber and lastly B. C. Taber Company. The store was originally located in the 1880s on the corner of Linwood and Main Street where the Woolworth build was constructed. The store was relocated on Main Street across from Huron County Court House. His great grandson Thomas Constantine Taber b. 1910 eventually sold the store in the 1955 to the Uhlman Company with the advent of the very popular suburban shopping center that he foresaw looming in years to come.

    12. His home was located at 81 W. Main Street, Norwalk OH.

    13. He had three children: 1) Thomas ("Con" and "Charlie" nicknames) Constantine Taber, b. Aug. 6 1870. 2) Cora Taber Stewart d. 1893. 3) William Parker Taber b. Aug. 8, 1874.

    14. The death of his daughter Cora Taber Stewart d. 1893 was catastrophic and his wife was greatly effected and became very much home bound until her death. Cora's death occurred on her honeymoon. Cora is buried in the Taber/Parker plot in Woolawn Cemetery beside her parents. The gold cross on the altar in St. Paul's Episcopal Church was given to the church by her parents in her memory.

    LATEST UPDATE: 07/25/2013 by Tom Taber
  14. U.S. Passport Application 1889