Person:Bathsheba Coleman (2)

Bathsheba Coleman
  1. John ColemanAbt 1748 -
  2. James ColemanAbt 1750 - Abt 1802
  3. Jody Coleman, (?)
  4. William ColemanBef 1753 -
  5. Robert Coleman, (?)
  6. David ColemanAbt 1755 -
  7. Ruth COLEMAN
  8. Rhoda ColemanAbt 1757 - Aft 1826
  9. Jesse Coleman1758 - 1831
  10. Nathaniel COLEMAN
  11. Bathsheba Coleman1759 - 1795
  12. Mahlon ColemanAbt 1760 -
  13. Margery ColemanAbt 1762 -
  • HNathaniel MooreAbt 1758 - Est 1787 & 1788
  • WBathsheba Coleman1759 - 1795
m. ABT 1782
  1. Sarah MOORE1786 - 1887
  2. David Moore1788 - 1886
m. ABT 1792
  1. John ArmstrongEst 1789 - 1852
Facts and Events
Name[1] Bathsheba Coleman
Married Name Moore
Married Name Armstrong
Gender Female
Birth? 9 SEP 1759 Hunterdon, New Jersey, United StatesMaidenhead Township
Marriage ABT 1782 to Nathaniel Moore
Alt Marriage ABT 1788 NJto John Armstrong
Marriage ABT 1792 to John Armstrong
Death? 1795 New Jersey, United States
  1. Source (67). (SIN 166. Note Found in Job Moore family Bible, attached to source 24, ca 1900. Probably written by a Moore family member, perhaps Miranda.).
  2. Source (22). (SIN 12. "Family Record" from the Nathaniel and Julia Banta Moore Family Bible, Holy Bible (New York, J. C. Riker, 1844). The "Family Record" is located before the New Testament, page 575. The Bible is bound in tan leather with a tooled design and gilt border on the cover. It probably passed to their son, J. M. W. Moore, and then their grandson, Frederick Moore. It may have then passed to Catherine Liggett and at her death was sent to Fred Banta. Presently held by Brent Banta (2007). The first birth entry is that of George Moore, 1844. The marriage and death records of Nathaniel and Julia were written after 1901, perhaps by Miranda Banta Moore, the wife of J. M. W. Moore. Births were entered in 3 groups, each group in a different hand. This handwriting is different from that of the person who entered the marriage and death data. Some deaths are entered as they occurred, others are compiled. The most recent deaths are from 1944-1962, written in yet a different hand. (Perhaps by Catherine Liggett?) Enclosed with the Bible was a 2-page genealogy chart of the Brown family, showing the ancestors of Sarah Brown, Nathaniel Moore's mother.).
  3.   Source needed.

    1. Assumed to be the mother of David Moore; no other reference given in Bible
    2. "Also, John mentions his son, John Armstrong (son of Barsheba Moore), real and residue of personal estate. Said son to be educated and Dr. James Agnew, his Guardian. Inventory was made by James Coleman and William Baker. John Armstrong (s/o John Armstrong, s/o Martin Armstrong) was also the son of Barsheba Moore whose father, John Coleman, mentioned John Armstrong, both father and son, in his 1803 will. Barsheba/Bathsheba Coleman married Nathaniel Moore." Excerpt from email sent by Kathy Patterson, 30 July 2007.
    3. Also spelled, "Barsheba".

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    Some sources call her Bathsheba.

    From COLEMAN WORLD, 1986. Submitted by Ruby Simpson McNeil
    N. 4015 Marguerite Rd
    Spokane, WA

    Barsheba Coleman, b. NJ ca 1762, d/o John Coleman of Burlington Co.
    M (1) Nathaniel Moore, ca 1782, after his death
    M (2) John Armstrong, ca 1792; he d. 1808, James Coleman did inv.; will mentions portion of estate of John Armstrong's father Martin Armstrong to be divided among lawful heirs, inc. son John Armstrong, son of Barsheba Moore. Son to be educated & Dr. James Agnew his guardian

    She d 1795, intestate, James Coleman admr.
    Assume that DOB is guesstimated by marriage to Nathaniel Moore & age of 1st child.

    Father: John Coleman b: BEF 1730

    Marriage 1 Nathaniel Moore, ca 1762
    1. David Moore b 21 Jan 1788
    2. Sarah Moore
    Marriage 2 John Armstrong, ca 1792
    1. John Armstrong