Person:Bastiaan Van Otte (1)

Bastiaan Pieterse van Otte
d.Aft 1639 Netherlands
  1. Bastiaan Pieterse van OtteBef 1614 - Aft 1639
  • HBastiaan Pieterse van OtteBef 1614 - Aft 1639
  • WMarij Unknown
  1. Bastiaan Bastiansz van OtteAbt 1633 -
  2. Hendrick Bastiaanse OtteAbt 1639 - Aft 1710
Facts and Events
Name Bastiaan Pieterse van Otte
Gender Male
Birth? Bef 1614 possibly Borssele,Netherlands
Marriage to Marij Unknown
Death? Aft 1639 Netherlands

(Possible father, about 90% sure) Pieter Hendrik Otten van Willegen, born at the end 16th century; was at the year 1616 one of the first farmers at the (for the second time) diked land at the Ile Borssle, he was also owner from a parcelat the Galghoek ( a area of land at the ile of Borsele) source: book writtenby J. de Ruiter, Borssele, 1994, p. 31/32.

additional: Borssele. 1596 Rek. Domeinen 1600/1623/2vso-3: daerinne gelegen zijn den geheelen Cavel van Heijndrick Otte van Willegen ende den Cavel van dhr.Griffier Pieter Coorne ( die noch vrij van thiende is tot het jaer 1625 incluijs) Idem 19 gem. 77 r. aencomende den Burgmr. Mr.Christiaen de Vager ende noch 10 gem. 117 r. uijtten cavel van dgr.Rekenmr. Johan Veth s(aliger) m(emorie), t'samen 167 gem. 194 r. velts, makende in thiende 15 gem. 72 r., heeft dhr. Griffier Pieter Coorne om 30ÂÐ. 10 Sch.d. t'gemet, bedragende ... 464 ÂÐ. 16 Sch. 4 d. 19 mijten.

Inthere was a whole parcel (owned by) Heijndrick Otte van Willegen. He may be the grandfather of Bastiaen.

From an email from a fellow researcher in the Netherlands:

About the historie of Borssele ( now called Borsele) Borsele or Borsselen is the name of the Ile situated in the past South-West from Goes. Borssele is one of the oldest ocupied area's at Zuid-Beveland, because of it's unique position for the shipping at the rivers de Zwake and the Honte. The oldest known owner of this ile was the Duke Leopold from Swaben. He has got the ile from Dirk I Count of Holland and Zeeland about the year 868. Leopold had stopped the Danish. At that time Borssele was one of the three largest iles of Zeeland. Likely Leopold give Borssele its name. Borssele cames from Borszee, the creek named after Bor ( a pagan God) The historie of the Ile Borssele is one of acontinuing fight against the water. At Februari 1347 there was so mutch damage at the dikes through the Valentijnsvloed that the polder was drawend. One year later cames the Marcellesvloed, the same story. 1530, November again... theSt.Felixvloed. It takes till 1532 before the dikes where rebuild. At November there was sutch a water that the dikes were not rebuild because of the costs. Borssele had no dikes for 84 years ...... At the year 1615 the magistrate of Goes bought the drawned land and at 1616 the last dike was rebuild.

At that time Pieter Hijndrick Otte van Willigen owned a parcel at Borssele! But I think that he lived at Monster a village nearby.It'sknown that Monster was the only inhabitale place of the Ile of Borssele at that moment (the place Monster at Zuid not the same!)

I also think that further information about your Otte line will be not easy to find.