Person:Aylee Linville (1)

Aylee Linville
Facts and Events
Name[1] Aylee Linville
Alt Name[1] Alee Linville
Alt Name Alice _____
Gender Female
Birth? 1722
Marriage Bef 1739 to Joseph Bryan, Sr., of Linville's Creek, Augusta County, VA
Death? 1807

According to some researchers, Alyee Linville was likely (no definitive proof, just fascinating circumstantial evidence) the daughter of John Linville, who was also father of William (killed at Linville Falls, NC).

(Note: Certainly the fact that William Linville, of Linville's Creek (Aylee's supposed brother), who married Elenor Bryan, a daughter of Morgan Bryan and Martha Strode, and Aylee Linville married Joseph Bryan, a son of Morgan Bryan and Martha Strode who also settled and left records in Linville's Creek (Augusta, later Rockingham County, VA) makes the possibility that Aylee was also a child of John Linville, a distinct possibility).

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