Person:August Haas (6)

August Haas
b.29 Aug 1894 Defiance Co, Ohio
m. 5 Nov 1874
  1. Frank Haas1876 -
  2. August Haas1894 - 1943
  3. John Haas
  4. Elizabeth Haas
  5. Valentine Haas
  6. Hannah Haas
m. 23 Jun 1917
  1. Norma L Haas1919 - 2004
Facts and Events
Name August Haas
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][35][37][38][39] 29 Aug 1894 Defiance Co, Ohio
Marriage 23 Jun 1917 Hartford City, Blackford, Indiana, United Statesto Mabel Marie Worthen
Death[8][9][10][40][41] 17 Jul 1943 Muncie, Delaware Co, IndianaCause: Left Broncho Pneumeoid - Silicosis
Burial[11][12][13][9][14][42] 19 Jul 1943 Elm Ridge Cemetery, Muncie, Delaware, Indiana, United States
Reference Number? ID0377
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Image:050704-003 LowRes.jpg Wedding Day 1917


Biography of August Haas(6) ID0377

Birth, Education, Early Life

  • August was born on Wednesday 29 Aug 1894. He was the youngest of 9 children born to Heinrich (Henry) and Caroline Whetstone Haas of 1018 Holgate Ave, Defiance, Ohio. S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, I20
  • By 1900 they had moved to 814 Harrison St, Defiance, Ohio. The census shows August to be five years old, white male, born in Ohio and that his father was born in Germany and his mother in Ohio. S18
  • August spent his early life in the Defiance County, Ohio area. After his father died in 1904, he moved with his mother and older brother, Valentine, closer to the Whetstones near Stryker, OH, where they lived in a log cabin. "Daddy said he lived in a log cabin in Ohio and said he would wake up in the morning and have to shake snow off his blankets because it drifted in between the logs. . . he said they used to skinny-dip in this river, we assumed it was the Auglaze, but don't [know] for sure. He was trying to learn to dive and was up on the board afraid to go in, but they could hear people coming and he had to go in. After that he said he got pretty good at it." S4
  • He attended school at the Evansport Public Schools located in Defiance County, Ohio. The source lists the names of the students, teacher and principal for the school year 1905-1906. August is listed as one of 6 students in the third grade. S19, I21
  • As of 1910 he was living with his mother and brother, Valentine in Williams County, Ohio.
  • As of 5 Jun 1917, when he filled out the WW I Draft Registration card, S6, I16 he was living at 2020 S Madison St, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. Shortly after, on 23 Jun 1917, he and Mabel Worthen were married. It is assumed they lived here for a short time. They built a new home in 1919 at 1927 E 17th St, Muncie, Indiana. (See: August & Mabel Family for more details about this home)


  • August signed his name on the World War One Draft Registration Card on 5 Jun 1917. S6, I16
  • He enlisted in the U. S. Navy at Indianapolis 3 May 1918 S7, I30
  • Discharged before expiration of his enlistment on 17 Dec 1918 at the U. S. Naval Training Station, Newport, Rhode Island S7, S23, I17
  • He was a Musician 2nd Class and played the clarinet, and on at least one occasion under the direction of John Philip Sousa. S4
  • August was described as follows: Height: 5 feet 8-3/4 inches – Weight: 135 pounds – Blue eyes – Dark Brown hair – Ruddy Complexion – Tattoo “A.H.” low on right arm – Acne between shoulders – mole on left buttock. S7
  • Photos of August in his Naval uniform holding his oldest daughter. I22, I30


  • In 1910 he was working as a Farm Laborer "Working Out" 1910 Census, N3
  • The first sign of employment shows him to be working at Gill Clay Pot Works in Muncie as a “Clay Worker” in June 1917. S6
  • Ball Brothers Company
    • By 1920 he was employed at Ball Brothers Company in Muncie and was listed as a laborer on the census. S24
    • In 1930 he was listed as a “Furnace Man” at a glass factory [Ball Brothers] in Muncie. S5
    • I have the 10 year service pin from Ball Brothers Company in my possession that belonged to August I9
    • His daughter states that he “Worked at Hemingray [glass company] later to be Ball Brothers.” S34
      • According to the WikiPedia site and another source taken from there the Hemingray plant in Muncie was sold to Owens-Illinois in 1933. So August evidently, if he indeed worked at Hemingray, left there and went to Ball Brothers at some point.
    • A Social Security card was issued to August in 1936 while an employee of Ball Brothers Company. His Social Security number was: 307-07-3542. S33, I23


  • I have a lapel pin in my possession that is from the Order of Red Men Society. I have no further information concerning whether August was a member or how he came to have the pin. S17, I34
  • I have a ring that belonged to August as well. The ring is gold (10K) with black onyx (?) set with a head of a soldier on it. It is too small to fit my ring finger. It is enclosed in a white ring box but probably not the original box. S30
  • Music
    • August played both the clarinet and the violin according to his daughter. S20
    • Played clarinet in the Warner Gear Co. Band in Muncie about 1916. He is shown in the picture in the front row second from right with his legs crossed, holding his clarinet. S20, S21, S22, I11
  • Woodworker
    • August was an accomplished woodworker and has many projects to his credit. Many of his items are still in the possession of family members. Some of his projects included a drop-leaf walnut table with 2 drawers I10, a hall table I7 , model of a covered wagon I12, I13 and a model of a stagecoach. I1, I35, I36
    • This photo shows him on a ladder with a hand saw while he is building the garage on the back of the property at 1927 E 17th Street in Muncie. I29
    • He created many more items but these are representative of his skill.
  • He carved a tombstone for his mother-in-law in about 1930 and the stone is in the IOOF Cemetery S28, I14
  • Photography
    • August and Mabel took a lot of pictures and developed them in their attic. Many of their photographs and negatives are in the Robbhaas collections along with the camera that was used. Many of the photos attached to the various person and family pages are from their collection of pictures. S29, I6
  • Outdoors
    • August loved to fish and be outdoors. It is said that he could spend the entire day out on a lake in his boat and even if he didn’t catch one fish he would be well satisfied. I3
    • As a young man August enjoyed riding his bicycle. I2

Friends and Family

  • There are many photographs of August, Mabel and their family attending the various Haas, Worthen and other family reunions and gatherings.
  • August’s best friend was a man named Ed Dowling. They are shown together in more than one photo. S15, I4
  • From all accounts August was an extremely likable man and had lots of good friends. In his youth he is pictured with a group of young men about his age – August is seated in the front at the right. I15
  • August and his older brother Valentine Wallace “Uncle Vollie” were close. I5
  • The family owned an Essex automobile that was described by his daughter Marjorie: “I remember it so well because it would always shimmy really bad when he went a certain number of miles per hour.” S16 I8 This picture shows an Essex automobile somewhat like the one they owned. I showed the photo to another daughter for confirmation.
  • I am very sorry that I was never fortunate enough to have known this man.

Memories of Grandpa

These memories were in an email received from the only grandchild fortunate enough to have known August.
  • As we've discussed, I have a few memories about him. I remember the tattoo on his arm. Strange I would remember that at 2 years old when I'd assume I didn't know the alphabet yet. I also remember sitting in his lap playing with his watch chain. The links looked like little pocket knives and I kept trying to open them. He also let me look at his silver pocket knife and told me he would get me one when I got older. I have the watch in its original case. Grandma Haas gave it to me on my 18th birthday at your house out on S.R. 67.
  • I also remember him taking me to Ball Bros. where he visited with some of his friends. We drove in the 37 [or 36] Pontiac and went to a parking lot where there was an elevated guardhouse that I thought was pretty cool.
  • I also remember the day of his funeral, although I didn't go. My dad's sister Marian was watching me and I didn't want to go home. My mother got very upset at me and Aunt Marian calmed the waters. Not long after his funeral, I was asked by a friend in the neighborhood, Herby Dudley what my grandfather died from. I replied, "Old age." (Email 27 Jan 2008)
  • Did you hear about how he would dissemble their Model T Ford in the garage, hang all the parts on the wall and I assume rebuild the engine about every year? Of course, another story that Mother told me is about how he would build a fire under the crankcase of that car in the Winter to get the oil warm so he could crank start it. The engine must have been really clean. (Email dated 30 Jan 2008) S36


  • August is shown living in Muncie in 1928 according to the obituary for his mother. S26
  • Baptism: August was baptized at Church of the United Brethren in Christ - Mode of Baptism: Immersion - age Twenty seven years eleven months three weeks. Signature of the minister. I assume the location to be Muncie, Delaware Co, Indiana, but it does not state that on the certificate. His wife Mabel was baptized on the same day. S25

Illness and Death

  • August was ill for quite a long time previous to his death. His illness was the result of his many years working in the glass factories. The silica dust, I gather from the various letters and the diary written in June and July of 1943, was the cause of his problems.
  • Another complicating factor was that he also smoked both cigarettes and a pipe.
  • August spent time in the Washington, Pennsylvania area attending a clinic.
  • According to the letters this had been paid for by Ball Brothers. Unfortunately, this treatment did not help him and soon after his last letter he returned home and died shortly thereafter.
  • I have all the letters referenced here in my collection but only show an image of this one for illustration. Letter, I25, I26. See the August and Mabel Family Page for all the letter images and transcriptions.
  • This photo was taken approximately July 1943 and shows his saddened and weakened condition. I19
  • August died at his home on E 17th Street on 17 July 1943. The official cause of death according to the death certificate was Left Broncho Pneumeoid Silicosis. S8, S9, S10, I18, I27
  • The funeral was held 19 Jul 1943 at 2pm on a Monday at Meeks Mortuary in Muncie. Rev E L Hamilton officiating. He was laid to rest in Elm Ridge Cemetery east of Muncie. S9, S12, S12, S13, S14, I24,N1, N2

To Do List

  • Death Certificate
    • Need a better copy
    • Repository: Delaware County, Indiana Courthouse
      • Registered number 212?
      • Death Date: 17 July 1943
    • I have a very bad photocopy (Acc682 Location: SB-7/Folder 8)
  • Land Records
    • For Home at 1927 E 17th St - Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana
    • Repository: Delaware County Courthouse
  • Will/Probate Records
    • Repository: Delaware County Courthouse
    • Death Date: 17 July 1943
  • Harter Registered Births - Defiance County, Ohio
    • In a letter I received from Marjorie Haas ID0381, she mentioned getting birth information about August from the Harter Registered Births for Defiance County, Ohio. I cannot find the letter and don't know the date. I need to look into this source.
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