Person:Aquilla White (1)

Aquilla White
b.Abt 1755
Facts and Events
Name Aquilla White
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1755
Residence[1] 1779 Kentucky, Virginia, United Statescame to Fort Boonesborough, Kentucky
Death? Bourbon, Kentucky, United States
Other[1] 1805 Bourbon, Kentucky, United Statesgives deposition
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    Patty Harris vs. Pollock, Box 490

    In this suit some of the depositions were taken 1805, others in Clark Co., 1811.
    - Joseph McGuer states he came to Ky., 1779.
    - Leonard K. Bradley came 1783.
    - Joseph Procter aged 55 yrs. to Ky., 1778.
    - Nathaniel Bullock came to Ky., 1777, had been captured by the Indians at Blue Licks, 1778, his age abt. 51 yrs.
    - William Suddeth to Ky., 1783 and stopped at McGee's and Strode's Stations.
    - Stephen Boyle to Ky., 1779, settled at Strode's Station, 1780.
    - Jesse Coffee to Ky., 1781, settled at Boonsborough.
    - James Morgan of Farquier Co., Va., surveyor, makes statement.
    - David Linch to Ky., 1779.
    - William Clinkenbeard aged abt. 44 yrs., to Ky., 1779, was at Strode's Station.
    - Roger Clements, (Montgomery Co.), to Ky., 1781, was at McGee's Station.
    - Oswell Townsin to Ky., 1775, settled at Boonsborough.
    - Joseph Berry to Ky., 1782.
    - James Duncan aged 55 yrs. (deposition taken 1805) came to Ky., 1779, was at Boonesborough, returned to old settlement same year and came out to Ky., again in the fall of that yr. and assisted Benedict Couchman and his brother to build the first house at Strode's Station, which was on a fork. That he was to and from Va. several times and when in Ky. he generally resided at Strode's Station, that he moved his family to Ky. in the spring of 1784.
    - Benedict Couchman aged 49 yrs. (1805), came to Ky., 1779.
    - William Cradlebough came to Ky., 1776 and lived with Daniel Boone.
    - James Berry came to Ky., 1779.
    - Benjamin Dunaway to Ky., 1779 and settled at Boonesborough:
    - Zacheriah Easton, deposition.
    - Aquilla White to Ky., 1779, settled at Boonesborough.
    - Frederick Couchman to Ky., 1779, settled at Boonesborough and was at Strode's.
    - James Sodowsky to Ky., 1779.
    - Nicholas Proctor aged 53, (1811), to Ky., 1788, was at Boonesborough and at Strode's.
    - Joshua Stamper aged 58 yrs. (1811), was at Strodes, 1779-1784.
    - Charles Morgan, deposition.
    - Deed filed in suit, 1813, Richard Ratcliff of Fairfax Co., Va., to Humphrey Marshall. Isaac Halbert and Elizabeth mentioned.