Person:Anthony Lehman (1)

Anthony (Anton) Lehman
m. 5 DEC 1741
  1. Joaquin Lorenz Lehmann1742 -
  2. Johan Adam Lehmann1745 -
  3. Elizabeth Lehmann1747 -
  4. Jacob Lehmann1750 -
  5. Anthony (Anton) LehmanAbt 1754 - 1827
m. 28 JUL 1778
  1. Philip Lehman1782 - 1864
  2. George LehmanAbt 1784 -
  3. Catharine (Catharina) Lehman1785 - 1864
  4. Nancy LehmanAft 1792 - 1859
  5. Maria (Mary) Lehman1792 - 1875
  6. John LehmanAbt 1793 -
  7. Eva Maria Lehman1794 -
  8. LehmanAbt 1796 -
Facts and Events
Name Anthony (Anton) Lehman
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1754 of Colcalico Twp., Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Marriage 28 JUL 1778 York, York, Pennsylvaniato Catharine Emig (Emich)
Death? 23 APR 1827 , York, Pennsylvania, USA
Other? Notes
Burial? St. Jacob's (Stone) Church in Codorus Twp., York, Pennsylvania

!BIRTH-MARRIAGE-DEATH: Revolutionary War Record of Anthony Lehman; in possession of Robert E. Givens; Clovis, CA. Will of Anthony Lehman; probated 14 July 1827; York County Courthouse; York, York, PA. DEATH: German Gazette; 18 May 1827; in Historical Society of York Co., PA. BURIAL: Records of York County Historical Society. NOTE: All the following came form Tootie (Cecelia) Layman wife of James Layman, Waupun, Wisconsin via the internet, 12-99. (E-mail: 1. Anton was the only one of Hannss Jacob Lehmann's children born in the "new world". 2. Anton and Catharina were married by Rev. Mr. Roup. 3. MILITARY RECORD - Like his oldest brother Joachim, Anton was mustered in for one year as a fifer in his county - 26 May 1776. He served as a private in Captain P.Decherto's company of Reading, PA. The company consisted of 86 officers and men. This company was part of the 5th Pennsylvania Battalion, commanded by Col. R. Magraw of Carlisle, PA. Anton's company participated in the movements of Washington's army in and around New York. This battalion assisted in the construction of Fort Washington which was captured by General Howe on 16 Nov 1776. The men were help prisoner until an exchange was made on 18 Jan 1777. After the enchange, Anton re-enlisted and was with Gen. Washington until the surrender at Yorktown. Anton (Anthony) Lehman, Pvt 5th Regiment, Col. McGraw, Capt. Decken Company, Pennsylvania Line, Feb. 1775 - Jan. 1777. Anthony Lehman, enlisted Apr. 1775 at Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Active service in Capt. Peter Decker's Company, Col. Robert Magaw, 5th Pennsylvania Battalion 1776 stationed at Ft. Washington, New York. Anthony Lehman, Pvt., Capt. George Geiselman (6th) Company, 7th Battalion, York County Militia 1777 - 1778. Anthony Lehman, Pvt., Capt. Reinhart Bott's Company, 3rd Battalion, York County Militia, 20 Nov 1782. Anthony Lehman, 6th class, Shrewsbury Township, subject to service in Federal Army 30 Jan 1781. Anthony Layman, 5th Battalion, Cumberland County Militia 1793 during Indian War (4 Feb 1793). Anthony Lehman, Revolutionary War Pension Claim W-3430. He was allowed pension on his application executed 1 May 1818. Made application at York, Pennsylvania. 1 May 1818, Anthony Lehman, age 65, soldier of the Revolutionary War, stated at the Court of Common Pleas in York, Pennsylvania, that he enlisted in Carlisle in the (Reg't) commanded by Col. Robert McGraw, Lt. Col. Penross and Majhor Nagle; served 1 year and 9 months; discharged at Hackensack, New Jersey; lost his discharge as he moved about very often since the war having no home of his own.

                                                               Signed:  "Anthony Lehman"

On 26 May 1818 he was granted a federal pension of $96.00 per annum, dropped from the rolls under the act of 1 May 1820. Several years later, and due to futher legislation his widow, Catharine drew his pension of $96.00. 2 Aug 1820, Anthony Lehman aged 67 years, resident of York County, Pennsylvania appeared in open court and swore he served in the Revolutionary War under officers listed above. Served from February 1775 until January 1777; date of his original application for pension is May 1818, Pension certificate. #3004. Widow's file #W3430. He was a resident citizen of the U.S. and did not by gift, sale, etc. dispose of his property. "Has one plantation" of barren land, 60 acres, on which is an old house, value $300, on which $234 is due and chargeable. He lists with values: 2 horned cattle $20, 2 calves $4, 1 table $3, 1 chest $1, 1 ass $1, 2 hogs $1.33, 4 sheep $4, 1 "grubbing" hoe $1, 1 anvil and regs, 2 wedges $1, a few articles of kitchen furniture $3. His occupation: laborer but cannot perform much labor being of broken body. He has "2 children living with him, boy age 28 and a girl who contributes something by their labor".

                                             Sworn to and signed by: "Antony Lehman"

The Clerk of Court of Common Please certifies the affidavit and in his opinion the total amount of property value is $339.83 subject to the debt above established. Anthony was granted a pension of $96.00 pr year on 26 Sep 1818; however, he was dropped from the rolls under the Act of 1 May 1820. 5 Dec 1838, Catharine Lehman, resident of said county, aged 83 years, swore that she is the widow of Anthony Lehman, that her husband obtained a pension dated 1 May 1818. She declared she was married to him on 28 Jul 1778. That Anthony died 24 Apr 1827, and that she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service but the marriage took place previous to 1 Jan 1794.

                                          Signed X (her mark):  Catharine Leman

14 Dec 1838 (2 statements) John Zeigler, aged 71, stated he was well acquainted with Anthony Laman, that Anthony was married in the month of July 1778 by Parson Roup, Clergyman of the Lutheran Church at York. Also, John Amick swore he was present 28 Jul 1778 and saw the marriage of Anthony Leman and Catharine Amich.

                                           Signed: (1) John Zeigler (2) John Emig

6 Jul 1840 Henry Cramer swore that he was well acquainted with Anthony and Catharine Lehman and that John "Aimich" is the brother of Catharine Lehman, the wife of Anthony.

                                             Signed:  Henry Cramer

26 Sep 1840 John Emig, Sr. and John Zeigler, Sr. stated they were well acquainted with Anthony Lehman of York Co. and his widow Catharine Lehman now living in York County.

                                              Signed: John Emig, John Zeigler

5 Apr 1841 Henry Cramer (sic) stated that he had known Anthony and Catharine previous to 1818; that he (Henry) was at Anthony's funeral and he (Henry Cramer) was married to Anthony's daughter who is now deceased.

                                               Signed: Henry Cramer

14 Apr 1841, 10 men appeared in court and verified Anthony received pension and that he and his wife, Catharine, raised a family of children. 8 Mar 1842, pension for Catharine Lehman was approved. 15 Nov 1947 a typed letter to Historical Society of York County by Neilsen of Chicago, IL (now eceased) indicates: Anthony Lehman, enlisted (same as Anthony's statement above). Handwritten in margin: see Pennsylvania Archives, Vol II, p. 183 and "He stated he enlisted in 1775 but this regiment was not organized until 1 Jan 1776. He died 24 Apr 1827 place not shown. The soldier m. 28 Jul 1778 at York, Pennsylvania, Catharine Amick or Emig. Soldier's widow, Catharine was allowed pension (. . .) approved 29 Aug 1842. In 1838 she was aged 83 years and a resident of York, Pennsylvania. She died 24 Jul 1854, place not stated." TAX RECORDS - Taxabes of 1783 - This was the first census of Yourk County; it was published in part in Pennsylvania Archives 3rd series, XXI, 662-820 and in Gibson?s and Prowell?s histories of the county, passim. 1783 - Anthony Lehman, Cordorus Township, land 70, 1 house, 1 outhouse, valuation L56, Tax L1.33.4 (York County). 1783 - Anthony Lehman, Manchester Township, land 70, 1 house, 2 outhouses, 14 inhabitants, 1 horned cow, 1 horse, valuation L50.10.0 tax L0.15.6 (York County). 1786 - Anthony Lemmon, West Pennsborough Township, 1 cow (Cumberland County) 1788 - Anthony Layman, West Pennsborough Township, 2 cows (Cumberland County) 1793 - Anthony Leamon, West Pennsborough Township, Miller, 2 cows, (Cumberland County) 1795 - Anthony Lehman, Cordorus Township, 2 horned cattle, 2 horses, 70 acres land val. L48, tax L0,6.0 (York County) CHURCH RECORDS Anton Lehman and wife Catarine attended First Lutheran Church, Carlisle, Pennsylvania second Sunday after Trinity 1789 (Cumberland County). Anton Lehman and Catarina had daughter Catharina b. 1 Feb 1785, bapt. at Wolf's (St.Paul's) Church. Sponsors: Michael Emig and his wife Sophia. Anton Lehman and Catharina had son Phil, bapt. 27 Oct 1782 age 4 weeks and a day at Wolf's Reformed Church, West Manchester Township, York County. Sponsors: Philip Emich (Emig) and wife. ESTATE RECORDS - Docket: P #503 - Filed in the office of the Registrar of Wills in the court house, York, Pennsylvania. This lemma covers the period 1749 to 1850. Anthony Layman, Codorus Township will dated, 20 Jan 1827 probated 14 Jul 1827, wf Catharine, children; George, Philip, Catharina, John, Polly wife of Lorance Cramer, Eve wife of Henry Cramer, Anna wife of David Wonderlick. ADMINISTRATIVE BONDS - Docket 2H, 410 - Filed in the office of the Registrar of Wills in the court house, York, Pennsylvania. This lemma covers the period 1749 to 1850. 2 Feb 1825, Estate of Anthony Lehman of Codorus Township; Conrad Gentzler, administrator. Tenet in $100. ADMINISTRATIVE ACCOUNTS - Filed in the office of the Registrar of Wills in the court house, York, Pennsylvania. This lemma covers the period 1749 to 1850. 4 Aug 1828 - Estate of Anthony Lehman of Codorus Township shows a balance of $227.90-1/2 11 Sep 1835 - Estate of Anthony Layman of Codorus Township shows a balance of $37.03. No. 100 - 27 Jun 1840 - Estate of Elizabeth, daughter of Anthony Lehman of Codorus Township shows a balance of $15.19. ORPHAN?S COURT DOCKETS - Office of the Clerk of Courts in the court house, York, Pennsylvania; period 1740 to 1850 inclusive. R, #569 - 7 Jan 1835. An inquest is awarded on the real estate of Anthony Lehman of Codorus Township, intestate, who left a widow and eight issue. CENSUS RECORDS 1790 - Anthony Lemmon, Hopewell, Newton, Tyborn or West Pennsborough Township, Cumberland County, 1 male over 16 years, 3 males under 16 years and 2 females. 1810 - Anthony Lemon, Cordorus Township, York County 1850 - Catharine Lehman age 95 with Catharine Lehman age 66 living in household of Mary Cramer. O.S. Codorus (390/150/150) DEATH RECORDS Anthony Lehman, Revolutionary War Soldier died in Codorus Township, 23 Apr 1827 in his 73rd year. (York County) Catharina Lehman b. 22 Feb 1756 York County, d. 24 Jul 1854 at Codorus 98 years, 5 months, 8 days. Buried Jacob's Church Cemetery. Father: Emig, spouce: Anthony Lehman. Source: Register of Wills Office, York, Pennsylvania. Research: Some of the information on this branch of the family came from Dale Leppard of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and Cindy Addison (descendant) of Pennsylvania.