Person:Anthony Howkins (2)

Anthony Howkins
b.Bef 1619
m. Bef 1644
  1. Mary Howkins1644 -
  2. Ruth Howkins1649 - 1724
  3. Sergeant John Howkins1651 - Bef 1676
  • HAnthony HowkinsBef 1619 - 1673/74
  • WAnn WellesEst 1620 - Bef 1680
m. 16 Jul 1656
  1. Sarah Howkins1657 - Bef 1678
  2. Elizabeth HowkinsEst 1659 - Bef 1696
  3. Hannah HowkinsEst 1661 - 1698
Facts and Events
Name[1][3][4] Anthony Howkins
Alt Name[2] Anthony Hawkins
Gender Male
Birth[1] Bef 1619 Based on estimated date of marriage.
Marriage Bef 1644 to Unknown Unknown
Marriage 16 Jul 1656 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesto Ann Welles
Will[4] 26 Feb 1673/74 Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Death[1][3] 28 Feb 1673/74 Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Probate[4] 1 Nov 1714 Estate Administation not completed.

Marriage(s) & Children

A number of published genealogies note that Anthony Hawkins (Howkins) married (first) Isabel Brown. This is an error, as Jacobus states, "the wife of Anthony Hawkins (or Howkins) of Farmington is stated to have been Isabel Brown; the first wife of Anthony Howkins is unknown and Isabel Brown was the wife of Anthony Hoskins."[3] Anthony Hoskins was of Windsor, and Anthony Hawkins/Howkins, of Windsor and Farmington.

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    Court Record, Page 139 — 1st April, 1664: Will and Invt. exhibited. Mrs. Howkins Refuses the executorship. Dist. Ordered according to the will, except that Mrs. Hester Thompson, a daughter of the Decd, is not named in the will, and Mrs. Howkins is given only the use during life. And also it appearing that the Hon. Thomas Welles by his last will gave the said Ann Howkins, his daughter, £20 since her Marriage with Mr. Howkins, This Court doe Order the £20 of the Estate willed Mrs. Howkins be paid to Hester Thompson. Adms. to Mrs. Ann Howkins. Ensign Samuel Steele and John Judd to be Overseers. Sergt. John Stanly & Ensign John Wadsworth, with the Overseers, to distribute the Estate.

    Page 219—(Vol. VIII) 1st November, 1714: Capt. Thomas Hart of Farmington now moved this Court to appoint an Adms. on the Estate of Anthony Howkins, Deed. The Court desire to call in John Judd and Robert Booth of Farmington.
    Page 225—6 December, 1714: Thomas Hart again presented his Motion that Adms. be committed to some person. Defered until January next.