Person:Ansalum Coon (1)

Ansalum Coon
  1. Ansalum Coon1829 - 1858
  1. Louella Victoria Coon1858 - 1948
Facts and Events
Name Ansalum Coon
Gender Male
Birth? 1829 Lee, Iowa, United States
Death? 29 May 1858 Bigler's Grove, Harrison, Iowa
                                                               FRY FAMILY

Vincent Fry, our great, great-grandfather, of German ancestry born near Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina, was married to Mary Snow. They had five sons, David, Peter, Daniel, William and James and four daughters, Hannah, Elmyra, Elizabeth and Jane.

           Their son, David, our great grandfather, was born October 27, 1799, in North Carolina, married Dorothy  Stewart of Kentucky, born August 29, 1800. Dorothy was the daughter of James  Stewart and Sarah Legg, [Sarah Fleshman Stuart Legg-- note by barbara blizzard] descendant of the royal Stewarts of Scotland. David and Dorothy’s children were: Elmyra, born May 12 1824; Sarah, 1826; Mary, 1828; Elizabeth, March 29 1830; Amanda Jane, 1832; Amon, august 13, 1834; Joseph  V., March 9, 1837; Nathan, 1819; Hyram, January 22, 1841; and Vesta C., May 10, 1844.
     David and Dorothy  Fry joined the early Latter Day Saints church. David was ordained an Elder. When the saints were scattered, they moved to various places and in 1852, moved to Bigler’s Grove, Iowa. David died in the fall of 1876 and Dorothy died in October 1884, while attending Camp Meeting at Galland’s Grove. Both were buried in Bigler’s Grove Cemetery.
           Elmyra, the oldest child, married John  McIntyere and reared a large family. John was an Elder in the RLDS church. Their children were: Joseph, Amon, George, Jane, Edna, Alvin, William, David, James, Thomas and John.
           Sarah married John Haleton. Three children were born to this union. John and Sarah passed away between the years of 1850 and 1860. The orphaned children Jane, Richard and David were reared by relatives.
           Mary Ann married when sixteen to George  Headlee. Their children were: George Jr., David, Andrew and Mary Ann.  George died and Mary later married James Bowes. One child, James Jr. was born to them. James left home, and Mary, thinking him dead, married William Palmer. To this union six children were born: Daniel, Jonas, William, Alice, Rose and Nellie.
           Elizabeth was married to Lewis Coon. Their children were: Mary Jane, Ella, Marion, Anslyum, Nettie, Vincent, Monroe, David, and Harrison. They are buried in Silver Hills Cemetery, at Logan, Iowa.
           Amanda Jane was married at age 15 to Ansylum Coon in 1847.  Three children were born to this union; Margaret Emma (Maggie), Louella Victoria (Ella), and Jane. Ansylum hurt his back while wrestling causing him to be an invalid. Their daughter Louella married Brigham R. Reynolds. Their children were James Fredward, April 2, 1878; Bert Elias, February 24, 1880; Effie Vedora, 1884; Ada Sarah Jane, March 16, 1882; John Everet, June 21 1889; Harriet (Hattie), February 25, 1887; Guy Ansylum, June 27, 1900.
           Ada Sarah Jane married Frank Edward Butterworth and there children were: Velva Carmen, January  31, 1912; Lois Luella, July 22 1914; Robert William, January 31, 1916; F. Edward, august 28, 1917; Bernice Vilora, April 23, 1920; Bernard Ben, May 2, 1923; and Kenneth Byron, March 6, 1925.
           A few years after Ansylum’s death, Amanda Jane married James Headlee. To this union, five children were born: May, Lewis, Elizabeth, Annis Vinetta and James. She died March 16, 1902 and was buried in Bigler’s Grove Cemetery.
           Amon Fry was married January 21, 1864 to May McKinzie.[In a letter written by Amon, he called his wife Mary Ann--note by barbara blizzard.] Eleven children were born to this union. Five living to adulthood were: Isabelle, Minnie, Bert, Ed and Fred.
           Joseph Fry never married. He was a great lover of horses, especially the breed called “The Bull of the Woods.”  He raised and trained horses.
           In 1867, Hyrum married Jane Craig, Their children were William and Areta[?]
           Vesta married William Craig in 1867. He was a brother of Hyrum’s wife. Their children were Marion and David.

[Author signed] Velva Carmen Butterworth Davis.