Person:Anna Stanier (1)

Anne Elizabeth Stanier
m. 1888
  1. William Joseph Stanier1889 - 1948
  2. Anne Elizabeth Stanier1893 -
  3. John Stewart Stanier1898 - 1964
Facts and Events
Name[1] Anne Elizabeth Stanier
Unknown[2] Anna Elizabeth Stanier
Gender Female
Birth[1][3] 11 Mar 1893 Tarentum, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Confirmation[4] 4 Nov 1906 St. Barnabus, Brackenridge PA

Anne E. Stanier was listed on a ship's log for a trip from Liverpool to New York in 1925. From that we see her address in 1925, and that her marriage status was single. The 1920 census record shows both John Stewart Stanier (then age 21) and Anne Elizabeth Stanier (then age 26) living at the home of their father John Thomas Stanier in Tarentum. I presume that in 1925, from the passenger log, that she was still living with her parents at that time. From that we can establish the 1925 address of John Thomas Stanier: 554 E. 8th Ave., Tarentum. See the additional info in the sources section of the page. Anne E. Stanier married Ralph Rutledge on 10 October, 1925.

Image Gallery
  1. 1.0 1.1 Passenger List of Carmania, in New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
    see below.

    T715 / 1897-1957 / 3001-4000 / Roll 3718
    Passenger List for the Ship Carmania (Liverpool to New York)
    arrived 13 Sept 1925
    Age 32
    Sex Female
    Status Single
    Birth: Pittsburgh, Penna 11 Mar 1893
    Address: 554 E. 8th Ave., Tarentum PA

  2. Census Record for John S. Stanier, in 1920 Census Record.

    see under John Stewart Stanier, the 1920 Census Record, which lists the name as Anna E.

  3. Possibly born Pittsburgh not Tarentum, in Disputed birthplace.

    Some trees have Anne E. born in Tarentum, others in Pittsburgh.

  4. Confirmation of Anne E. Stanier, in Cammie Kolber account.

    Cammie's page lists St. Barnabus as in Pittsburgh, but an online search finds a St. Barnabus in Brackenridge, less than 1 mile from John Thomas's 1925 address in Tarentum.