Person:Anna Edghill (1)

Anna Margaret Edghill
m. 8 Feb 1777
  1. William T Burnside1780 - Aft 1797
  2. Hon. Andrew Burnside1786 - 1868
  3. James Burnside1788 - 1868
  4. Judge Edghill Burnside1790 - 1859
  5. Thomas Edghill Burnside, Esq.1794 - 1828
  6. Gennet Burnside - Aft 1797
  7. Margaret Burnside - Aft 1797
  8. Elizabeth Burnside - Aft 1797
  9. Martha Burnside - Aft 1797
  10. Ann Burnside - Aft 1797
  11. Jane Burnside - Aft 1797
  12. Hannah Burnside - Aft 1797
Facts and Events
Name Anna Margaret Edghill
Married Name[1][2] Mrs. Margaret Burnside
Married Name[3] Mrs. Captain Burnside
Gender Female
Birth? 27 Nov 1751 Virginia, United States
Marriage 8 Feb 1777 South Carolina, United Statesto Capt. James Burnside
Other[1] 17 Aug 1797 Laurens, South Carolina, United Statesnamed Executrix in Will of James Burnside, her husband
Residence[3] 1808 Washington, Franklin (now Union), Indiana[date differs from other sources - see note]
Residence[2] 1812 Union, Indiana, United States[date differs from other sources - see note]
Death? 8 Mar 1829 South Carolina, United States

Research Notes

  • --Cos1776 10:30, 18 September 2013 (EDT) : wondering if she is the daughter of Col. Thomas Edghill of SC who led the mass exodus of Royalists from Charleston, SC to Jamaica? If anyone has any proof of her parentage, please add it.
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    Will of James Burnside Senr of the County of Laurens: to my daughter Gennet Anderson, £ 3 sterling in money; to my son James Burnside the plantation where I now live, and that out of the same he is to pay to his sisters £ 30 sterling; to my son Andrew Burnside the plantation whereon he now lives, and he is to pay his sisters £ 20 sterling; to my son William Burnside, all my land on the south side of Little River including the new survey & part of the old; to my son Thomas Burnside the plantation where I now live including all the land on the east side of Little River, reserving to my daughters Margaret, Elizabeth, Martha, Ann, Jane & Hannah the free previledge of my dwelling house; remainder to be equally divided amongst children vizt. William, Thomas, Margaret, Elizabeth, Martha, Ann Jane & Hanna …William Burnside, Thomas Burnside and Margaret Burnside executors… 17 August 1797.
    [cos1776 note: was wife Margaret left any property? This abstract does not say.]

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    ... After Margaret's husband died, the family remained in South Carolina, however at the onset of the war of 1812 and as protest to the slavery issue, the widow Burnside decided to move her family North to the Indiana Territory. They began their journey by crossing the mountains into Pennsylvania. There they boarded flat boats at Pittsburgh and floated down the Ohio River to Cincinnati and then into Indiana. ...
    [Note: this source places the date of their arrival in Indiana at 1812.]

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    p 48 - Ambrose E. Burnside [ full Transcript ]
    ... The revolt of the American colonies against Britain divided them, some joining the Patriots, others remaining loyal to the Crown. Among the latter was James, grandfather of Ambrose, who was a Captain in one of the Regiments of South Carolina royalists. When it became certain that the revolution would be successful he, in company with others whose estates were confiscated, escaped to Jamaica, but eventually obtained amnesty from the young republic and returned to South Carolina. After his death his widow and her four sons migrated to Indiana, manumitting their slaves, from conscientious motives. ...

    p 221 - Edghill Burnside [ full Transcript ]
    ... Born in Laurens County, South Carolina, in 1790, he was a son of Captain James Burnside, whose loyalty to the cause of the crown was manifest by his service as an officer in the British Army during the Revolutionary War. The family were all Royalists, and their estates were confiscated by the colonies, but in return they were given grants of land on the island of Jamaica. Thither they went with Colonel Edghill, of South Carolina, having small indigo plantations there. In 1786, however, Captain Burnside returned with his family, consisting of three daughters and four sons. In 1808 Mrs. Captain Burnside, then a widow, came with her family of four sons and two daughters to Indiana, locating in what was then Franklin County but is now a part of Union County, their home being in the little town of Washington. Andrew, James and Thomas Burnside, the brothers of our subject, afterward removed from the county, Thomas and James with their mother and sisters returning to South Carolina, while Andrew went to Freeport, Illinois. ...
    [Note: this source places the date of their arrival in Indiana at 1808.]