Person:Ann Winn (6)

Ann Winn
b.ABT 1827 Ireland
d.AFT 1881
  • HJoseph Butt1805 - 1879
  • WAnn WinnABT 1827 - AFT 1881
m. 15 AUG 1843
  1. Butt1846 - 1846
  2. Jane Butt1847 -
  3. Charles Butt, Sr.1850 - AFT 1920
  4. George Butt1853 -
  5. Mary G. Butt1855 -
  6. Vienna Butt1858 -
  7. Jonah Butt1859 - 1888
  8. Maria Butt1861 -
  9. Mark Butt1864 - 1945
  10. Anjouletta Butt1866 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Ann Winn
Gender Female
Birth[2][3][1][4] ABT 1827 Ireland
Marriage 15 AUG 1843 Hampton, Durham, Ontario, Canadain Darlington Township
to Joseph Butt
Census 1871 Huron, Ontario, CanadaNorth Huron
with Joseph Butt
Census[5] 1881 Colborne, Huron, Ontario, Canada
Death[5] AFT 1881

ANN WINN was born circa 1827 at Ireland. Topping Butt and Fraser LDS Records list her last name as Win. The 1881 Canadian census lists her birthplace as Ireland. The 1920 census record of son Charles lists her birthplace as Canada. Ann was a widow in 1881 and provided the information herself, so that record would be preferred.

She married JOSEPH BUTT, son of JOHN BUTT and JANE DURNFORD, on 15 Aug 1843 at Darlington Township, Hampton, Durham County, Ontario, Canada. If all of the information is correct, then Ann was just sixteen when married. She took over a family with ten children, a couple of which were older than she was. A letter from Hannah Butt Taylor, granddaughter of Joseph Butt stated "He married a girl who had no people around her and she was only 18 (16 if Ann was born in 1827). Her mother was hired to keep house for two old toughs who worked in the bush for the Elliott's. The mother died and Grandfather took pity on the girl and married her. Father (Elam Butt) and Uncle James never could acknowledge her and they never cared for her or any of the second family. All the others mixed up together. There were nine who lived in the second. The first one died. The others were called in rotation Jane, George, Charles, Mary, Maria, Vianna, Jonah, Mark and Anjoulettea."

The exact date of Ann's death is not yet known. The last record of her is the 1881 census.


Ann Win Census
Year Source Image
1871 1871 Canadian Federal Population Census
1881 1881 Canadian Federal Population Census
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