Person:Angeline Unknown (1)

Angeline Unknown
m. 1859
  1. Eleanor F. DeckerAbt 1861 -
  2. James M. DeckerAbt 1864 - 1888
  3. Elmer Ellsworth Decker1866 - 1943
  4. Mary DeckerAbt 1868 -
  5. Herbert R. DeckerAbt 1873 - 1956
  6. Etta DeckerAbt 1874 -
Facts and Events
Name Angeline Unknown
Gender Female
Birth[1][2] 1844 Michigan, United States
Marriage 1859 Clayton, Genesee County, Michiganto Warren Decker

John Decker has her last name as Carrington

Carolyn Hubbard has last name as Covington

Donna Corcoran has: Birth: December 19, 1842 in Scott, Kentucky Death: March 10, 1916 in Edwards Twp. Ogemaw Co. Michigan Note: Angeline Covington/corrington Parents names unknown, but father born in Kentucky, mother born in New York. Just found father,Luke Covington in Kentucky. Angeline probably married and man name ---Lentz, after Warren's death. 1870 29 yrs. of age 1880 36 yrs. of age Marriage-1859-1860 (just prior to 1860 Fed.Census) (d.rec.Elmer) (Mar.rec.Elmer) Elmer must have given information on marriage and death to the census Remembered as "Grandma Lance/Lantz) Information I have gathered, I believe she remarried a man who's last name was Lentz and they lived south of W.Branch. Old paper I have, show her signature as Angeline Lentz. But, death records, in Ogemaw Co. Court House, show her death as Angeline Decker, who knows??? Donna (Decker)Corcoran

  1. Carolyn Hubbard.
  2. Information recieved from John Decker.