Person:Andrew Putman (1)

Andrew Revis (420-14-2718) PUTMAN
b.27 Aug 1913
Facts and Events
Name Andrew Revis (420-14-2718) PUTMAN
Gender Male
Birth? 27 Aug 1913
Marriage to Wilie Jay (422-74-0586) NIX
Death? 13 Jun 1992 Theodore, Molile County, Alabama 36582
Reference Number? Cousins of Dalton J. Nix Keyword
Reference Number? Descencants of Jennings NIX Keyword
Reference Number? Jennings NIX Descendants Keyword
Reference Number? JenningsNIX Descendants Keyword

REVIS A PUTMAN 27 Aug 1913 13 Jun 1992 (V) 36582 (Theodore, Mobile, AL) (none specified) 420-14-2718 Alabama

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REVIS A PUTMAN Request Information (SS-5) � SSN 420-14-2718 Residence: 36582��Theodore, Mobile, AL � Born 27 Aug 1913 Last Benefit: �� � Died 13 Jun 1992 Issued: AL (Before 1951) NOTE THAT HE USED REVIS A. , MAYBE I HAVE THE NAMES REVERSED?

Willie Jay died in 1988 in Blount County, and he died in 1992 in Mobile County, It would appear that after she died he went to live with one of the children in Mobile County. and died there. None of the children show up on SSDI at least not on first look, so assume that they are all living. Look for telephone addresses in Mobile County. Also look in Blount county to see if I can find the graves for one or both of them.