Person:Andrew Duncan (11)

Andrew Duncan
b.Est. 1740-1755 Prob. Virginia
d.Bef. 21 February 1786 Lincoln County, Virginia
m. Est. 1740-1746
  1. Jean DuncanEst 1740-1755 -
  2. Andrew DuncanEst 1740-1755 - Bef 1786
  3. Florence DuncanEst 1740-1748 - bef 1796
  4. Jennett DuncanEst 1745-1760 -
  5. Joseph DuncanAbt 1747 -
  6. Elizabeth DuncanAbt 1749 -
  7. James DuncanEst 1750-1756 -
  8. John DuncanEst 1750-1756 -
  9. Mary Duncan1760 - 1826
Facts and Events
Name Andrew Duncan
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1740-1755 Prob. Virginia
Death? Bef. 21 February 1786 Lincoln County, Virginia

Will of Andrew Duncan

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 525--Will of Andrew Duncan of Lincoln County, Va., dated 25th March, 1784. Sister's children, viz: Elizabeth Buchanan's son, Andrew; Mary Craig's son, James; Jenny Edmiston's son, Andrew; Jean McKinney's daughter, Jenny; Florence Brownlee's daughter, Jenny; brother-in-law, Jno. Edmiston, and John McKinney. executors. Recorded in Lincoln County, 21st February, 1786. [Note: Lincoln County, Virginia became part of the newly created State of Kentucky in 1792].
From Lincoln County, Kentucky Records:
  • Duncan, Andrew. Written: 3-25-1784, Proved 2- 21-1786. Leg.: sis. Elizabeth Buchanan's son Andrew; sis. Mary Craig's son James; sis. Jenny Edmiston's son Andrew; sis. Jean McKinney's dau. Jenny; sis. Florence Brownlee's dan. Jenny. Exrs.: John Edmiston, John McKinney. Wit.: Wm. Edmiston, Robert Harreld, John Buchanan. [Lincoln County, Kentucky Will Book 1, Page 130].

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - APRIL, 1793 (A to G). - Duncanson's executors vs. Brownlee--Certified copy of will of Andrew Duncan, Lincoln County, Va., dated 25th March, 1784, to sister's children, viz: Elizabeth Buchanan's son Andrew, to sister Mary Craig's son James, and sister Jenny Edminston's son Andrew, sister Jean McKenny's daughter Jenny, sister Florence Brownlee's daughter Jenny.--Exn. brother-in-law John Edminston and John McKenny. Witnesses: William Edminston, Robert Harrold, John Buckhanna. Proved in Lincoln County, 21st February, 1786. Willis Green, C. C.