Person:Andrew Cook (3)

Andrew Cook
b.Abt 1659 , , , , England
  1. Andrew CookAbt 1659 - 1716/17
m. 24 Jul 1685
  1. Lydia Cook1686 -
  2. Andrew Cook1687 -
  3. Elizabeth Cook1689 -
  4. Alice Cook1690 -
  5. Thomas Cook1702 - Abt 1764
Facts and Events
Name[1] Andrew Cook
Alt Name[4][5][6][7][8] Andrew COOKE
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1659 , , , , England
Alt Birth? 1659 Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 24 Jul 1685 Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Phoebe Lovewell
Alt Marriage 24 Jul 1685 Dunstable, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USAto Phoebe Lovewell
Death? 1 Feb 1716/17 , Weston, Middlesex County, Massachusetts,
Alt Death[9] 1718
Will[2][3] 1721 , Weston, Middlesex County, Massachusetts,
Alt Death? 1752 Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Other[10] Biography
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  10. Andrew COOKE
    Sex: M
    Birth: Abt 1659 in ENG
    Death: 1 FEB 1716/1717 in Weston,Middlesex Co,MA
    Lidia Cooke b: 26 JUL 1686 in Dunstable, Middlesex Co., MA
    Andrew Cooke b: 10 NOV 1687 in Dunstable, Middlesex Co., MA
    Elizabeth Cooke b: 18 MAR 1689 in Dunstable, Middlesex Co., MA
    Alice Cooke b: 7 OCT 1690 in Dunstable, Middlesex Co., MA
    Phebe Cooke b: ABT 1694
    Joseph Cooke b: ABT 1698
    Thomas Cooke b: 8 MAY 1701/2 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA
    Andrew Cook name appears for the first time in 1682 the Dunstable
    Township Records which have managed to survive. Andrew Cooke's parents
    have not been identified. It is highly possiblethat he was third
    generation New Englander; but this has not been established because there
    is no evidence of him until 1682. It seems more likely that he was born
    in England, and, due to the shortage of manpower in New England, was
    enduced by people here who knew of him to emmigrate with the promise of
    land under the usual seven year contract of indentured servitude. This is
    only a theory, of course.
    At the time Andrew Cook was granted land, Dunstable wasa remote
    outpost of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. There had been earlierattempts
    in the 1650's to populate Dunstable, but the original Chartercreating
    Dunstable which was granted by the General Court at Boston is dated
    twenty -some years later in 26 Oct 1673. It became firmly settled around
    1677 after the King Philips War [an Indian War]. Homesteads were built
    mostly along the Merrimac River, and it was necessary to build a
    garrison. Dunstable was considered a frontier town, and served as a
    buffer for more established coastal towns. Lifethere had always been
    hazardous; but when the King Williams War broke out between France and
    England in 1693 to determine who would take the Englishthrone, the
    ripple effect in Dunstable became too dangerous. Most families, including
    Andrew Cooke's, moved away while they could -never to return. Eventually
    their land was taken away from them and granted to others.
    The Following Chronology is from the Dunstable Town Meeting records
    1682 Andro Cooke is granted 30 acres of land which is bounded by lands of
    widow Mary Tyng, Thomas Lund, Samuel French, and Abraham Cummings. He is
    later granted more land.
    1683 Jan 29 Andrew Cook and all other inhabitants are confirmed owners of
    the land in Dunstable that had been granted to them. This was to clear up
    any confusion of owership held by the local Native population.
    1683 Andro Cooke and Christopher Temple are chosen fence viewers.
    1683 Aug 20 Andro sold his 30 acre ' house lot' to Mary Tyng for
    seventy-seven pounds.
    1685, July Andrew Cooke married Phebe Lovewell in Chelmsford
    1685 October Andro Cooke was granted 30 acres "per agreement."Boundaries
    not named.
    1685 Andro Cooke and Nathaniel Blanchard are chosen fence viewers.
    1686 Sep 27 Francis Cooke and Andro Cooke both on list of inhabitants
    indebted to the town, the former listed three times. It isn't clear what
    created this indebtedness.
    1687, Sep 22 Andro Cooke & Abraham Cummings chosen fence viewers
    1688, May 24 Andro Cooke and Abraham Cummings again chosen fence viewers
    1688 Andro Cook and Francis Cooke both appearon the 'minister's rate.'
    Curiously, of the thirty named inhabitants on the list, only Andro Cook's
    rate is zero.
    1689, June 25 Andrew Cooke and John Cummings chosen surveyers of highways.
    1690 Andrew Cook is chosen constable.
    1690, May 27 Natives of Canada sent down by the French destroy Salmon
    Falls, NH. Hostilites continue threaten the area for two years.
    1692 -- -- Maj. Thomas Hinchman (Henchman) to the General Court: "all
    Inhabitants of Dunstable excepting 2 familys desire to draw off, viz John
    Sollendine & Thos Lun whose Garrisons are nere to each other. Theses seem
    willing to __themselves with 10 or 12 sould."Other secondary sources
    indicate that most Dunstable families fled the area in the year
    1693 during the King Williams War when the French made thearea unsafe.
    1717/18 Feb 1st Andrew Cook, Senior

    Marriage 1 Phebe LOVEWELL b: 25 DEC 1666 in Rehoboth,Bristol Co.,MA
    Married: 24 JUL 1685 in Chelmsford,Middlesex Co,MA 1
    Thomas COOK b: 8 MAY 1701 in Sudbury,Middlesex Co, MA