Person:Andrew Cameron (2)

Col. Andrew W. Cameron
b.est. 1793-1810
m. 3 May, 1792
  1. Col. Andrew W. Cameronest 1793-1810 - 1861
Facts and Events
Name Col. Andrew W. Cameron
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1793-1810
Death? 18 July, 1861 accidentally shot and killed in front of Lexington Hotel, Lexington, Virginia

Information on Andrew Cameron

From "Historical Sketches of Pocahontas County, West Virginia", Price, p. 250-252:

CAMERON, Colonel Andrew W.--possibly born in Pocahontas Co., West Virginia, accidently shot and died on a mail coach by a passenger in Lexington, Rockbridge Co., Virginia; s/o Major Charles CAMERON & Rachel WARWICK (have sheet); represented Bath Co., Virginia in the Legislature, to near Lexington, Rockbridge Co., Virginia;
Dr. John H.--of Deerfield, Virginia (have sheet)
Charles (have sheet)
female--married Thomas WHITE (have sheet)
female--married D. WHITE (have sheet)
female--married Judge LEIGH,of Lexington, Virginia (have sheet)
female--married A. W. HARMON (have sheet)