Person:Andrew Brown (39)

Andrew Brown
Facts and Events
Name Andrew Brown
Gender Male
Birth[1] 28 Aug 1845 Barony, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Christening[1] Oct 1845 Barony, Lanarkshire, Scotland

15 Dec 2001 Parish register states " Andrew Brown carter and Margaret Braser had a lawful son their 7th child named Andrew, born 28 aug 1845, at no 47 Main Street Calton, Alexander ande Thomas Fraser witnesses. Bapt October 1845. (DB)

Ordinance Index also shows a Andrew Brown born 29 Jan 1840 in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland. There is a Glasgow right above and to the left of Barony in South West Scotland by Cadder and Monkland (Old and New) Deanna Bullock 5 Nov 2005

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