Person:Andreas Garr (1)

Andreas Andrew Garr
d.14 Aug 1747 Orange, VA, USA
m. 23 FEB 1711
  1. John Adam Gaar1711 -
  2. Rosina Garr1713 - 1778
  3. Elizabeth Barbara Gaar1714/15 - 1721
  4. Lorenz Gaar1716 - 1753
  5. Andreas Gaar1718 - 1727
  6. Eve Marie Gaar1719 - 1724
  7. Anna Margharetta Gaar1720/21 - 1724
  8. Hans George Gaar1722 - 1724
  9. John Gaar1724 - 1727
  10. John Leonard Gaar1726 - 1727
  11. Maria Barbara Gaar1728 - 1732
  12. Elizabeth Gaar1729/30 - Aft 1754
  13. Daughter Gaar1733 - ABT 1752
Facts and Events
Name Andreas Andrew Garr
Gender Male
Birth? 14 JUN 1685 Frankenhofen, Middlefranken, Germany
Marriage 23 FEB 1711 Illenschwang, Dunkhofbuhl, Germanyto Eva Katherina Seidelmann
Alt Marriage 23 FEB 1710/11 Illenschwang, Bavariato Eva Katherina Seidelmann
Other? 25 SEP 1732 Came to America on the ship "Loyal Judith", which sailed from RotterdamEmigrated
Death? 14 Aug 1747 Orange, VA, USA

Andreas Garr (Gaar) was one of the Early Settlers of Germanna Colony

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Importation to Virginia

Ship "Loyal Judith", of London, Robert Turpin, Master from Rotterdam. Arrived Sept. 25, 1732, passengers included:

Char (Gaar), Adam Age 20 (possibly a son of Andreas) Chars (Gaar), Andreas Age 47

Information on Andrew Garr

rom "Germanna History", notes (

Andrew Garr had two daughters, that we know of, in America; Rosina, who married Theobald Christler, and Elizabeth Barbara Garr, who married Michael Blankenbaker. Apparently, he had another daughter who was born in America. Is this possible? Eva Seidelmann Garr, wife of Andrew Garr, was born in 1689. They came to America in 1732, and letters written to Germany at the end of the year do not mention another member of the family. They do mention that a daughter, besides the two above who came with them, had died in Pennsylvania. In 1733, Eva would have been 44 years old. It is possible that she had another child.

I have to assume this child married Christian "Tivall". In 1751, Andrew Garr had a warrant for land in the Shenandoah Valley. If we assume that this unnamed daughter was still living then when Andrew Garr assigned the warrant to Christian, she might have been about 18 years old. So far, there is nothing impossible in the story. Christian Tivall had the property surveyed in 1752. His wife, the daughter of Andrew Garr, died about this time and Christian felt badly about taking the land from Andrew. I would assume that, if there had been children of Christian and the unnamed Garr daughter, Christian would have kept the land in trust for the heir. Instead, Christian assigned his rights to another son-in-law of Andrew Garr, namely, Theobald Christler. The word "assigned" could be interpreted as either a gift or a sale.

The name Tivall is reinforced as connected with the Gaar/Garr family by another Warrant & Survey.

"Lawrence Garr of Culpeper, 4 Jan 1749/50, 3 Feb 1750, on South Fork Shannondoah. Chain carriers: Tivall & Zacharias Blancumbaker." I do think the surveyor was confused when he wrote up the survey results. He implied there was a Tivall Blancumbaker but a more correct reading would probably be "XYZ" Tivall where XYZ was most likely Christian. I will add some more to these thoughts in the following notes.

Andreas Gar b. 14 June 1685

Andreas Gar|b. 14 Jun 1685|p95.htm#i2837|John George Gar|b. 17 Nov 1657\nd. 22 May 1738|p96.htm#i2857|Elizabeth Barbara Scheubel|b. 8 Jun 1663|p96.htm#i2858|Andreas Gaar|b. 15 Jan 1629\nd. 22 Oct 1704|p99.htm#i2968|Apollonia Grimm|b. 4 Jan 1630\nd. 18 Dec 1704|p99.htm#i2969|George W. Schuebel|b. 17 Sep 1641\nd. 29 Jun 1666|p99.htm#i2970|Margaretha Stoiz|b. 1641\nd. 13 Oct 1705|p100.htm#i2971| Charts Ancestors of Sandra Barrett

Andreas Gar was born on 14 June 1685 at Frankenhofen, Mttlfr, Bavaria, Germany.1 He married Eva Seidelmann, daughter of Georg Seidelmann and Barbara Wambach, on 23 February 1711 at Illenschwang, Bavaria.1

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Children of Andreas Gar and Eva Seidelmann
John Adam Gar b. 24 Nov 1711
Rosina Gaar+ b. 11 Aug 1713, d. a 1807
Elizabeth Barbara Gar b. 20 Mar 1715, d. 15 May 1721
Lorenz Gar b. 29 Nov 1716, d. 1753
Andreas Gar b. 13 Sep 1718, d. 15 Jul 1727
Eve Maria Gar b. 20 Oct 1719, d. 30 Nov 1724
Anna Margharetta Gar b. 24 Feb 1721, d. 26 Nov 1724
Hans George Gar b. 15 Aug 1722, d. 22 Nov 1724
John Gar b. 24 Apr 1724, d. 20 Jul 1727
John Leonard Gar b. 6 May 1726, d. 20 Jul 1727
Maria Barbara Gar b. 15 Jul 1728, d. 1732
Elizabeth Barbara Gar b. 11 Feb 1730

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