Person:Amelia Jones (2)

m. 1848
  1. Samuel Jones1849 -
  2. Samuel Lane JonesABT 1850 - BEF 1855
  3. Althea Caroline Jones1851 - 1942
  4. Eliza Jane Jones1855 - 1940
  5. Amelia Ann Jones1857 - 1875
  6. Henry Thomas Jones1862 - 1935
  7. Clara Elizabeth Jones1863 - 1937
m. 5 Nov 1874
  1. George Brooks Longmore1875 - 1960
Facts and Events
Name Amelia Ann Jones
Gender Female
Birth? 1 Jan 1857 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Census[2] 3 Aug 1860 Mormon Post Office, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Census[3] 1870 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Marriage 5 Nov 1874 to Henry Charles Longmore
Death? 17 Oct 1875 East Millcreek, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
Ancestral File Number 1JNPNJ
Burial[1] Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USACity Cemetery

BEP Utah Timeline (1850,1860,1870)

We as descendants of Amelia Ann are extremely grateful for her life and love her very much.

Amelia Ann Jones was born in Salt Lake City Utah on the 1stof Jan. 1857. She had four sisters and two brothers, the first brother died at about the age of one year. She was about 18 years old when she met my great grandfather Henry Charles Longmore. I picture her as a beautiful young lady, although I have never seen a picture of her. Amelia and Henry were married on the 5th of November 1874, and were sealed in the Endowment House on the 26th of July 1875. The thrill of having a child turned to sorrow as Amelia died from complications of giving birth to her son George Brooks Longmore. She died on 17 Oct. 1875 and was buried in the Salt Lake City cemetery. George Brooks was raised by his grandparents Henry and Caroline Jones. We have great love for Amelia’s parents for the great job they have done in raising grandpa George Brooks Longmore (known through out his life as Shorty).

Because George Brooks was Amelia’s only child it might be interesting to mention Amelia and George’s posterity. George married Maud Mary Walters 20 Feb. 1901. From that union there were five children, Lester, Elmer (my Father), Alma, Louella, and Hyrum. Les and Estella’s family was eight, Elmer and Lillian’s family was eleven, Alma and Elaine adopted two they had one of their own, Louella and John had five, Hyrum raised several from a previous marriage, but he and Irene had one. So there was five children, twenty six grand children, and I tried to think of how many great great grandchildren, but I found that to be impossible for me, but it is in the hundreds at this time, and third great grandchildren makes it even more. So Amelia’s descendants are great and are still growing.

Amelia’s parents are Henry Jones born in Kidderminster, Worcs, England on 25 Feb. 1824, and his wife Caroline Brooks was born in Crowcroft, Worcs, England on 4 Dec. 1825. Henry and Caroline were married in Claines, Worcs, England in 1848. They joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints about 1853. They decided to come to America and join the Saints in Zion. So on 31 March 1855 they boarded the sailing vessel Juventa. Henry, his wife Caroline, his mother Susan, and Henry’s two sisters Susannah, and Margaret, and his daughter Althea. They were listed on the ships log as number 85, and their Company leader was William Glover. Caroline was sick the whole crossing, expecting a new baby. After a rough crossing they arrived in Philadelphia, then went by rail to Pittsburgh, by steamboat down the Ohio

River to St. Louis Missouri; and then overland to Mormon Grove Kansas.

The Charles A. Harper Wagon trains list shows Henry Jones, Caroline Jones, Susanna Jones, Althea Jones. And Eliza Jane was born enroute on 10 Aug. 1855 at the Big Blue River. They arrived in Salt Lake City in Oct. 1855.

The Jones family lived in West Jordan. They went to church in the East Millcreek Ward, where Amelia was baptized and grew up. That is where my great grandfather Henry C. Longmore met her and they fell in love, and were married. Henry served in the Civil War as an assistant surgeon. He finished his doctorate degree before coming to Utah, and served as a doctor the rest of his life.

We don’t know a great deal about Amelia but we know that we love her very much. We also love and owe the Jones family so much for raising our grand father. He was the most honest person I have ever known, and I am sure that comes from his upbringing in Amelia’s family.

Information in this history were obtained from ships logs, wagon train listings, memories of family members, and information from Eliza Jane Howick, Althea M. Howick Williams, “Heart Throbs of the West” by Kate B. Carter family records and history written and filed at D.U.P. central library by Laura Silver Backman, daughter of Althea Caroline Jones Silver

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