Person:Alice Dunne (2)

Alice Dunne
b.abt 1814
m. 29 Nov 1845
  1. Mary Cleary1846 - 1927
  2. Denis Cleary1848 - 1883
  3. Thomas Cleary1850 - 1921
  4. Eliza Cleary1853 - 1928
  5. Bridget Cleary1855 - 1898
  6. Joseph Cleary1857 - 1888
Facts and Events
Name Alice Dunne
Alt Name[2] Ally Dunne
Alt Name[1] Alicia Dunne
Gender Female
Birth[1] abt 1814
Marriage 29 Nov 1845 Monasterevin, County Kildare, IrelandCatholic Church
to Maurice Cleary
Death[1] 2 Mar 1872 Monasterevin, County Kildare, IrelandSkirteen

Alice (known as Ally) Dunne has yet to be traced prior to her marriage in 1845. It is quite likely she was from the Monasterevin area, which is where she married, had all six of her children and died. Her death certificate implies that she was born in 1814 or 1815, and given that the Catholic parish registers for Monasterevin only date from 1819 it is entirely possible that she was from Monasterevin but her early life has gone unrecorded. Four of the godparents of Ally's children were called Dunne (Ann, Betty, John and Mary), hinting at possible members of her family.

Ally's first confirmed sighting is on 29th November 1845 at Monasterevin in County Kildare, when she married a blacksmith named Maurice Cleary. They went on to have six children together between 1846 and 1857, all of whom were baptised at Monasterevin. At the time of their marriage they both lived in the town itself, but later settled at Skirteen, a townland to the west of the town on the opposite side of the River Barrow. Here, Maurice had his smithy beside a lock linking the River Barrow to the Grand Canal.

After suffering from chronic stomach disease for several years, Ally died on 2nd March 1872 aged 57. Maurice was left with their six children, who then ranged in age from 25 down to 14. Maurice outlived Ally by over 21 years.

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    1872. DEATHS Registered in the District of Monasterevan in the Union of Athy in the County of Kildare
    No.Date and Place of DeathName and SurnameSexConditionAge last BirthdayRank, Profession, or OccupationCertified Cause of Death, and Duration of IllnessSignature, Qualification, and Residence of InformantWhen RegisteredSignature of Registrar
    613Second March 1872
    Alicia ClearyFemaleMarried57 Years
    Wife of a BlacksmithCancer in Stomach
    1 month
    Certified Chronic Disease of Stomach - Several years 6/3/72
    Maurice Cleary
    present at death
    Fifth March 1872Joseph Storey
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    She was called "Ally" at her marriage and at the baptisms of her children.