Person:Alexander Taber (1)

Alexander Taber
b.27 May 1825 London, England
m. 7 Oct 1805
  1. Thomas Taber1806 - 1879
  2. Richard Taber1806 - 1806
  3. Susan Taber1809 - 1840
  4. William Taber1811 - 1898
  5. James Taber1812 - 1902
  6. John Taber1814 - bef 1822
  7. Henry Taber1816 - 1827
  8. Eliza Taber1818 - 1854
  9. Mary Ann Taber1821 - 1914
  10. John Taber1823 - 1858
  11. Alexander Taber1825 - 1873
m. 13 May 1849
  1. Mary Louise Taber1851 - 1947
  2. Alfred Eugene Taber1853 - 1853
  3. Evangeline Taber1854 - 1887
  4. Adaline Irene Taber1856 - 1856
  5. Albert Eugene Taber1857 - 1857
  6. Martha Ann Taber1858 - 1858
  7. Edwin Alexander Taber1859 - 1860
  8. Zuela Taber1861 - 1861
  9. Edwin Irving Taber1862 - 1862
  10. Benjamin Charles Taber1864 - 1865
  11. William Milton Taber1865 - 1865
  12. Frederick Herbert Taber1866 - 1955
  13. Ida Gertrude Taber1868 - 1969
  14. Clarence Wilbur Taber, Sr1870 - 1968
  15. William Henry Taber1871 - 1879
  16. John Wesley Taber1873 - 1873
Facts and Events
Name Alexander Taber
Alt Name[3] Alex Taber
Gender Male
Birth[1] 27 May 1825 London, England
Christening[1][6] 11 Apr 1830 St. Bartholomew the Great, London, England33 Bartholomew Close
Immigration[15] 22 Jun 1830 London, EnglandAge 5; Ship: The Hibernia, Ship Master John Cunningham
Marriage 13 May 1849 Manhattan, New York, New York, United StatesThe Berean Baptist Church by Rev John Dowling, D.D.
to Sarah Elizabeth Hall
Religion[17] 18 May 1849 Manhattan, New York, New York, United StatesBerean Baptist Church
Property[16] 9 Jul 1850 Mt. Vernon, Westchester, New York, United StatesOwner Lots 14 & 968
Census[3] 3 Sep 1850 Manhattan, New York, New York, United StatesAge 22, 9th Ward, 3rd District
Occupation[3][4][8] 3 Sep 1850-1857 Manhattan, New York, New York, United StatesJeweller
Naturalization[4][5] 27 Oct 1851 New York, New York, United States295 Bleecker St, 9th Ward, NY, Witness: Henry Warner, Brooklyn, New York
Residence[16] 1852 - 23 Aug 1853 Mt. Vernon, Westchester, New York, United States1853 Census of Mt. Vernon
Census[4] Jun 1855 Manhattan, New York, New York, United StatesAge 27, 8th Ward, 7th District
Residence[8] 1856-57 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States329 Hudson
Residence[9][11] 1857 - 1871 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United StatesAge 33, 257 Grove Street, Van Vorst
Occupation[2][9] 30 Jul 1860-12 Sep 1870 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United StatesJeweller
Military[22] Jun/Jul 1863 Newark, Essex, New Jersey, United StatesCivil War Draft Registration
Occupation[12][21] Sep 1865 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United StatesConfectionery, 257 Grove Street, Van Vorst
Census[2] 12 Sep 1870 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United StatesAge 44
Death[6][7] 23 Oct 1873 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United StatesCause of Death: stomach cancer
Residence[7] 23 Oct 1873 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States170 17th Street, South Brooklyn
Alt Burial? 25 Oct 1873-1 May 1879 New York Bay Cemetery, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United StatesRemains moved May 1, 1879 to Fairmont Cemetery, Newark, New Jersey
Burial[10][18][20] 1 May 1879 Fairmount Cemetery, Newark, Essex, New Jersey, United StatesPlot: Section C, Lot 42, Grave 1
DNA[14] 5 Sept 2013 New York City, New York, United StatesY-DNA 37 Marker Analysis: Alexander Taber & Thomas Taber Jr Share a Common Male Ancestor
Image Gallery
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    christening date: 11 Apr 1830
    birth date: 27 May 1825
    father's name: Thomas Taber
    mother's name: Susan
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    Baptism: Alexander Taber, April 11, 1830
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    Material of House: Brick
    Value: 6000
    Alexander Taber - Years resident in the city or town: 21; Naturalized: Yes

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    Given Name: Alexander
    Family Name: Taben [name corrected a few cards later]
    Title and Location of Court: Common Pleas Court, New York County
    Date of Naturalization: Oct 27, 1851
    Volume or Bundle No: 111
    Copy of Record: 25
    Address of Naturalized Person: 295 Bleeker St, 9th Ward, NY City
    Former Nationality: English
    Names and Addresses and Occupations of Witnesses to Naturalization: Henry Warner 77 Butler St Brooklyn, NY [no occupation listed]

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    Taber. --On Thursday, October 23, 1873, Alexander Taber, in the 47th year of his age.
    Notice of funeral hereafter.

    Alexander Taber's death notice in the New York Herald on 24 Oct 1873, pg 9
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    TABER - At Brooklyn, L.I. on Thursday, October 23, 1873, ALEXANDER TABER, in the 47th year of his age.
    The relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral from his late residence, No. 170 Seventh Street, South Brooklyn, on Saturday afternoon, at one o'clock.

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    Alexander Taber, jeweller is found at his home address of 257 Grove Street, Van Vorst, Jersey City, NJ from 1861 - 1871. From the State of NJ Excise Tax Assessments for 1864, May 1864, and September, 1865, Alexander Taber was assessed at that address for Excise Taxes. The September 1865 record lists "Article of Occupation" as "confectionery." In 1867, Sarah Taber is listed at 257 Grove Street, Confectionery.

    Alexander Taber Excise Tax Assessment 1865
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    37 Marker Y-DNA Analysis: 4th Cousins from the Thomas Taber and Alexander Taber lines share a 34/37 Match.

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    The Hibernia Ship's Manifest

    The first meeting of the Industrial Home Association, No. 1, New York, John Stevens, Founder, took place on 9 July 1850 in the meeting room of the Mechanics Mutual Protection, No. 11, Cottage & Bleecker Streets. It's purpose was sign up 1000 members, to collect "dues" and to buy land on which to place lots and homesteads. The five Taber brothers, Thomas, William, James, John and Alexander joined. Between them, they purchased nine Lots in Mt. Vernon, NY by lottery for choice of lot selection.

    Preable to the Constitution and By-Laws Directory of Mount Vernon 1852 Directory, Page 22 Mt. Vernon NY Census 23 Aug 1853
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    Berean Baptist Church Register Marriage: Alexander Taber & Sarah Elizabeth Hall, May 13, 1849, 96 Amos Street, NY NY
  18. Original Letter from the Fairmount Cemetery Association, dated August 13, 1985: "He was removed from N.Y. Bay Cemetery and interred in Fairmount Cemetery on 5/1/1879."
    Section C, Lot 42, Grave 1
  19.   Description of Alexander Taber by his son, Clarence Wilbur Taber: "Although I was very young when my father died, I was early taught the most intimate facts about his life, ambitions, and accomplishments. His portrait, painted by his own hand, for he had been an artist, hung upon the wall of the great hall of the Castle. This quaint picture of him shows a cleanly-shaven man whose youth is partly disguised by long black hair smoothly brushed over the sides of his head almost covering his ears. A Prince Albert coat and a black string tie of the period add to his somber appearance. I vainly search the oval face, the gracefully arched brows, and the generous mouth for resemblance of me; yet I know that in me lives the very soul of this man - a soul that has continued its search for the unattainable. I came to worship him and to think proudly of him as having been a man of great achievement." (Source: Breaking Sod on the Prairies, Pg 3-4, Copyright World Book Company, 1924) "He was a designer of jewelry and a real artist. A number of oil paintings and some carvings remained in the family for years. He once wrote a book but later considered it was sinful to do so and he destroyed it. We all remembered a large grotto he carved out of wood the outside resembling rocks. It had isinglass windows. Stalactites and stalagmites common to caves were carved on the interior. In the center a mirror in the floor represented a lake. At one end on a raised dais was a delicate throne upon which was the figure of a king made of copper. Little copper figures, holding hands were circled around the lake; others walked about or wheeled baby carriages, all the figures moving or dancing, actuated by a clock spring. He collected rare shells and had many of value. There were possessed by Clarence W. Taber, Sr. for years and given to C.W.T. Jr. who lost possession of them 191_ - 192_. As will be seen from the genealogy of my father, he died in October 1873. As I was born in September 1870 I was at that time three years and one month old. I have always declared that although I have no recollection of my father I remember going to his funeral. The sound of the horses hooves going over a bridge made a decided impression upon me. I evidently did not understand what was being done when they lowered the box with my father into the grave. I do, however, remember seeing one of the grave diggers lower himself into the grave and stand on the box while he widened the grave with his shovel." (Source: Authobiography and Genealogy of the Taber Family by Clarence Wilbur Taber, self-publised November 1, 1952)
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