Person:Albert Kendall (2)

m. 9 May 1820
  1. Albert G. Kendallabt 1820 - 1886
  2. Andrew Lucius Kendallabt 1822 -
  3. Louisa D. Kendall1824 - 1910
  4. Hannah Sophia Kendall1826 - 1907
  5. Levi Goddard Kendall1827 - 1906
  • HAlbert G. Kendallabt 1820 - 1886
  • WMaria L. PerryEst 1826 - Aft 1900
m. 25 May 1848
Facts and Events
Name Albert G. Kendall
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] abt Nov 1820 Royalston, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 25 May 1848 Royalston, Worcester, Massachusetts, United Statesto Maria L. Perry
Death[1] 29 Oct 1886 Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
  1. 1.0 1.1 Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records 1841-1915. (From Massachusetts state archives), v 375 p 511.

    name: Albert G. Kendall
    titles & terms:
    event: Death
    event date: 29 Oct 1886
    event place: Worcester, Massachusetts
    residence: Worc.
    street address:
    gender: Male
    age: 65 years 11 months
    marital status: Married
    occupation: Clerk
    birth date:
    birthplace: Royalston
    estimated birth date: Nov 1820
    burial date:
    burial place: Holden
    father: Stephen
    father's birthplace: Mass.
    mother: Ruth Fisher
    mother's birthplace: Mass.

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  2. Although Albert's marriage and death records state that he was born in Royalston, his birth is not recorded in the Royalston VRs. It is conceivable that he was actually born in neighboring Warwick (where his father Stephen was living at the time of his marriage in early 1820), but that this was forgotten: Albert would have been quite young when leaving Warwick (the family was in Boston by the time of sister Louisa's birth in 1824), and would have spent a lot of time growing up with the Kendall and Fisher families in Royalston.

    Curiously, his wife, Maria Perry, is also not recorded in the Royalston VRs, despite also being said to be born there in the marriage record.