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Agnes Jelley
Facts and Events
Name Agnes Jelley
Gender Female
Christening[2] 25 Sep 1859 Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, EnglandChrist Church
Census[3] 7 Apr 1861 Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, EnglandNear the Lock
Census[4] 2 Apr 1871 Birstall, Leicestershire, EnglandNo. 1 Road
Census[5] 3 Apr 1881 Barrow in Furness, Lancashire, England108 Duke Street
Marriage 14 Feb 1884 Greenwich, Kent, EnglandSt Mary
to Eustace Bertram Timothy
Census[6] 5 Apr 1891 Wivenhoe, Essex, EnglandHigh Street

Agnes Jelley was baptised on 25th September 1859 at Mountsorrel in Leicestershire, daughter of Sarah Jelley, formerly Kilby, and her husband Thomas Jelley, a boatman and innkeeper. Agnes appears in the 1861 census living with her parents and siblings near the lock in Mountsorrel.[9] By 1871, Agnes and her sister Phyllis were living with an aunt in nearby Birstall.

By 1881, Agnes had moved 175 miles north-west to Barrow-in-Furness, where she lived with her sister Elizabeth and Elizabeth's husband. Also living in Barrow at the time was a young man called Eustace Bertram Timothy, who was an apprentice to a naval architect.

Three years later, Agnes and Eustace went on to marry. They did not marry in Barrow, but at the opposite end of England in the suburbs of London, marrying on 14th February 1884 at St Mary's Church in Greenwich.

Agnes and Eustace went on to have five children together between 1885 and 1891, although their first and third children both died as babies. Some time between 1888 and 1889 the family left Greenwich and moved to Wivenhoe on the Essex coast. The 1891 census finds the family living on High Street in Wivenhoe. Eustace worked as a naval architect and shipyard manager for Forrestt and Sons at Wivenhoe, but resigned on grounds of ill-health at the start of 1892. He was advised for his health to move to the south of England (probably meaning the south coast), but appears not to have done so. Instead, he put the contents of the family home at Wivenhoe up for auction in March 1892, after which he appears to have moved to Manchester, where he died in May 1892, aged 30.

Two months after Eustace's death, Agnes and the three children emigrated, sailing from London to Adelaide in Australia. It has yet to be established what happened to Agnes in Australia.

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    Agnes Jelley, niece, unmarried, female, 11 [1859/60], Scholar, b. Mountsorrel, Leicestershire

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    Address: High Street, Wivenhoe, Essex
    Eustace B. Timothy, head, married, male, 29 [1861/2], Naval Architect, employed, b. Whitlesy [sic], Cambridgshire
    Agnes Timothy, wife, married, female, 31 [1859/60], b. Mount Sorrel, Leicestershire
    Vivian B. Timothy, son, male, 4 [1886/7], b. Greenwich, Kent
    Aubrey C. Timothy, son, male, 1 [1889/90], b. Wivenhoe, Essex
    Mabel C. Timothy, sister, female, 17 [1873/4], b. Lewisham, Kent
    Kezia Hardy, servant, female, 19 [1871/2], General Serv[an]t, employed, b. Mersea, Essex

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    [Passengers include:]
    Ship: Orotava
    Leaving London 1 July 1892 bound for Colombo, King Georges Sound, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney
    Mrs Agnes Timothy, female, 41 [1850/1]
    Vivian B. Timothy, female [sic], 11 [1880/1]
    Audrey C. Timothy, male, 10 [1881/2]
    Nina G. Timothy, female, 9 [1882/3]
    Port at which Passengers have contracted to land: Adelaide

    The ages of the family are all wrong, and those of the children seem particularly inaccurate - Vivian was about 6, Aubrey was about 3, and Nina was less than a year old in July 1892, whilst their mother Agnes was 33. However, the names are fairly unusual, and it is clear from other records that the children did all move to Australia.

  8.   Australia. Death Index, 1787-1985. (

    Name: Agnes Menkins
    Death date: 2 Jan 1906
    Age: 46 [1859/60]
    Death place: Adelaide
    Residence Place: Sans Souci Sydney NSW
    Registration Place: Adelaide, South Australia
    Page: 430
    Volume: 314

    Possible death - several online family trees maintain that Agnes married Heinrich George Menkens in Australia and died in Adelaide in 1906. No marriage record for Heinrich and Agnes has been found, although New South Wales birth records do show that a Heinrich and Agnes Menkens had a son called Albert in 1900 and a daughter called Agnes in 1901 in Leichhardt, and appear to have lived in Sans Souci around 1906, which is given as the usual abode of the Agnes who died in Adelaide in 1906.

  9. Mountsorrel at this time comprised two chapelries or townships - Mountsorrel North or Mountsorrel St Peter, which was part of the parish of Barrow upon Soar for civil purposes until 1866, and Mountsorrel South or Mountsorrel Christ Church, which was part of the parish of Rothley for civil purposes until 1866. Agnes was baptised in Mountsorrel South, but in the 1861 census was living in Mountsorrel North. It is not clear in which chapelry she was actually born.