Person:Agnes Cunningham (9)

Agnes Cunningham
b.BEF 1752
d.AFT 1809
m. abt. 1731
  1. Jacob Cunninghamabt 1732 - 1760
  2. Isaac Cunninghamabt 1735 - bef 1760
  3. Elizabeth Cunninghamest 1735-1745 -
  4. Mary Cunninghamest 1735-1745 -
  5. Moses Cunninghamabt 1743 -
  6. Agnes CunninghamBEF 1752 - AFT 1809
  • HGeorge DaughertyABT 1730 - abt 1809
  • WAgnes CunninghamBEF 1752 - AFT 1809
m. ABT 1770
  1. Agnes DaughertyABT 1772 - 1821
  2. George Daugherty, Jr.1773 - 1838
  3. Elizabeth DaughertyABT 1774 -
  4. Hannah DaughertyABT 1780 - BEF 1823
  5. Rachael DaughertyBET 1788 AND 1791 -
Facts and Events
Name Agnes Cunningham
Gender Female
Birth? BEF 1752
Alt Birth? ABT 1752
Marriage ABT 1770 Prob. Virginiato George Daugherty
Reference Number 5848
George Daugherty
Alt Marriage ABT 1770 to George Daugherty
Death? AFT 1809
Reference Number? 22058

Parentage of Agnes Cunningham

Agnes Cunningham is thought to be a possible daughter of James Cunningham and his wife Margaret. Although Agnes is not specifically named in the will of James Cunningham (he names his "daughters, each and every of them, 1 shilling", her (then future) husband George Daugherty is listed as one of the qualified executors of his will (providing the rationale for Agnes' probable parentage):

Page 382.—16th January, 1760 (33d year of Reign). James Cunningham's will, of Colony and Dominion of Virginia—To wife Margaret; to son Moses, infant; to Hugh Cunningham, 1 shilling; to daughter Elizabeth, 1 shilling; to James Cunningham, son to son Jacob; to John Cunningham, son to son Isaac; to daughter Mary; to daughters, each and every of them, 1 shilling. Executors, wife and son Moses. Teste: Malcom Allen, Robt. Bowen, Lilly Bowen. Proved, 19th March, 1765, by Malcom Allen and Lilly Bowen. Margaret is dead. Moses qualifies, with Hugh Cunningham, Geo. Dougherty.

Based upon her approximate marriage date, it is likely that Agnes was one of the younger daughters of James Cunningham, and that she was likely one of his daughters left with 1 shilling in his will. More research/sources are needed to prove this relationship. Additional information from other researchers is welcome, please list sources.