Person:Agnes Arnold (4)

d.Bef 17 Oct 1621 Berkshire, England
  1. Agnes1544 - Bef 1621
m. Aft 10 Mar 1562
  1. John Townsend1568 - BEF 1593
  2. Elizabeth Townsend1569/70 -
  3. Agnes Townsend1571/72 -
  4. Marye Townsend1575 -
  5. Richard Townsend1577 - 1641
  6. Robert Townsend1580 - 1616
  7. Stephen TownsendABT 1585 -
Facts and Events
Name[2][3] Agnes
Baptismal Name[1] Anne Arnold
Married Name[2][3] Agnes Townsend
Gender Female
Christening[1] 22 May 1544 Bucklebury, Berkshire, Englandno parentage given
Marriage Aft 10 Mar 1562 prob. Bucklebury par., Berkshire, Englandafter “10 March 4 Eliz. [1562]” to “Agnes” who may be Anne Arnold
to Richard Townsend
Death[2][3] Bef 17 Oct 1621 Berkshire, Englanddate presented to the Court Baron of “Burghulburie” Manor
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    (See RichardC Townsend from pages 297–8.)

    Greene writes, “It is tempting—and quite possibly true—to suggest that Anne Arnold became RichardC Townsend's wife (the names Anne and Agnes were then interchangeable). Note, however, that the reversion of Heywards was granted to Richard Townsend ‘and such wife as he should marry,’ not necessarily Anne Arnold. Nevertheless, it seems a reasonable speculation that Anne Arnold and Agnes (—?—) Townsend are identical and that Stephen Arnold(s) was RichardC Townsend's father-in-law. These are the only four Arnold mentions found in the manorial court rolls, the Bucklebury register, or the Quaker records.”

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    Extracted from the manor rolls:
    “Manor of Burghulburie” Court Baron, dated “17 October 19 James I [1621]”

    “Also the death of Agnes Townsend, widow, who held for her life, by copy dated 10 March 4 Eliz. [1562] a messuage called Heywards in West End. Heriot, a cow worth 33s. 4d. Richard Townesend [son of Agnes] ought to enjoy the premises for term of his life, by virtue of the said copy. He does fealty, & is admitted tenant.”

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