Person:Agatha van Dyck (1)

Agatha (Eva) Janse van Dyck
b.abt 1667
d.aft 29 Aug 1723
m. 9 May 1673
  1. Agatha (Eva) Janse van Dyckabt 1667 - aft 1723
  2. Catherine van DyckABT 1675 - AFT 1744
  3. Mayke Van DykeABT 1678 -
  4. Jan Van Dyke1680 - 1764
  5. Jan van Dyck1682 - 1764
  6. Mattys Van Dyke1683 - 1749
  7. Jannetje van DyckABT 1684 - AFT 1758
  8. Angenietje van Dyck1686 -
  9. Jennetje Van DykeABT 1688 -
  10. Catleyntje Van Dyke1690 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Agatha (Eva) Janse van Dyck
Alt Name[1] Eva Janse
Married Name[1] van Voorhees
Gender Female
Birth[1] abt 1667
Alt Birth? abt 1675
Marriage 9 Feb 1687 Flatlands, Kings, New York, United Statesto Steven Coerte van Voorhees
Death[1] aft 29 Aug 1723 executor of husband's will
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    Steven Coerte van Voorhees; born circa 1667 at Flatlands, Kings Co., NY. A letter from Hilbert Coert in The Netherlands to Coert Stevensen dated 9 Feb 1687 states "your son is married though scarcely 20 years old" [Wijmer, D.J. & Folkerts, J., Through a Dutch Door, 1992, pg. 159]; married Eva Janse van Dyck, daughter of Jan Janse van Dyck and Teuntje Thuyse van Pelt, 9 Feb 1687; died 16 Feb 1723 in Gravesend, Kings Co., NY. [R.W. Cook, Van Dycks, South Orange, N.J.: 1954, pg. 37.]

    On 7 Oct 1695 John Bowne sells to Gerret Schenck, Stephen Coert Voorhuys, Cornelius Couwenhoven and Peter Wycoff of Flatlands 500 acres in Middlebush as per patent of 10 March 1685.

    Steven Coert is listed in the census of Flatlands in 1698 with one man, one woman and three children.

    On 9 Jan 1702 Thomas Stillwell of Gravesend deeds one half of lot of land to Steven Coerte next to the land of John Emans. The witnesses were Samuel Gerretse and Reyneer Vanslycklyn.

    In March of 1697/8 Garret Schenck and wife Neltie of Flatlands deed to Stephen Coerte, of same, land bounded by John Wycoff and Peter Brewer. The land was formerly in the possession of Coert Stevens, Abraham Jorris, Lucas Stevens and Stephen Coerte. On 9 Oct 1699 Albert Coert of Gravesend quitclaims to Stephen Coerte land in Gravesend. The was formerly owned by John Tilton, Coert Stevens and others. Part of it had been sold to Coerte Stevens and Albert Coerte and Garret Coert which was excepted from the deed of 1699.

    On 9 Oct 1699 Stephen Coerte of Flatbush and wife Achia deed to Cornelius Coerte of the same place land bounded by John Wycoff, Peter Brewer and formerly owned by Coert Stevense, Abraham Jorris and Lucas Stevensen but now in possession of Stephen Coerte. The deed was signed by him and the mark of his wife and witnessed by Gerret Coerten, Albert Coerten, Johannes Coerten and Henry Filken.

    The will of Steven Koeten of Gravesend was dated 5 Feb 1723/4 and probabed 29 Aug 1723. It mentions wife Eva, sons Koert Stevensen and John Stevensen who are also made executors. Also mentioned but not named are five daughters. The witnesses were Elias Hubbard and Gerrit Dorlent. [New York Historial Society Wills, Vol. 18, pg. 288.]