Person:Adam Birchfield (3)

Adam Birchfield
  1. Adam Birchfield1792 -
m. 20 Aug 1808
  1. _____ Birchfield
  2. Mary Jane Birchfield1805 -
  3. William Birchfield1811 - 1882
  4. John Birchfield1815 - Bef 1925
  5. James Birchfield1816 -
  6. Millie Birchfield1819 -
  7. Matilda Birchfield1822 - Aft 1880
m. 13 May 1853
  1. Jr. Adam Birchfield, Jr.1854 -
Facts and Events
Name Adam Birchfield
Gender Male
Birth? 1792 Wilkes Co., NC
Marriage 20 Aug 1808 Wilkes Co., NCto Nancy Caroline Taulbee
Marriage 13 May 1853 to Eliza Osborn
Death? Breathitt Co., KY

Linda wrote: This is to Janet Jones... Now I have somehow managed to delete the info you gave me for Matilda Taulbee.. now that I have the 2 straightened out. Millie married Wesley Sebastian and then Joseph Roberts and moved to Texas.. What I need now is the info on Matilda. Thanks in advance!! Linda

My name is Joyce, but that's O.K Since I have a younger sister named Janet, I have often been called Janet.

Linda wrote: I have Adam Birchfield, wife Nancy Caroline Taulbee and children Mary Jane b-1805 (married Wm. Ashford Taulbee) William "Will" b-btw 1810-1820 John b-btw 1810-1820 Matilda "Millie" b-1819 (married Wesley Sebastian and then Joseph Roberts) unknown Female born abt 1821 Does this mean we have another child or is the unknown female I have listed is actually Mildred or something like that??

The unknown female you listed must be Matilda; I have her birth date as Feb 1822. The children I have listed for Nancy Taulbee and Adam Birchfield are: Mary Jane b. 16 Jan. 1805 William "Will" b. 1811, d. abt. 1882 John b. 1815, d. bef. 1925 James b. 1816 Millie b. 1819 Matilda b. Feb. 1822, d. aft. 1880

Linda Wrote: The story I was told said that Millie and 1st husband Wesley Sebastian came to Illinois (Fayette County). He died and she went back to Kentucky where she married Joseph Roberts. They in turn moved to Texas. Both Joseph and Millie are buried in Parker County, Texas

I have also heard the story of Millie and Westly/Wesley Sebastian moving to Ill. and his dying there. Supposedly his brother, John, went to Ill. and brought Millie back to Ky. John Sebastian was married to Margaret Taulbee, who was a first cousin to Millie. John and Margaret were my g-g-grandparents. Allen Shockey and Matilda Birchfield were also my g-g-grandparents.

I do not have documentation for any of this info. When my mother passed away, I found this info in notes and family history charts she had composed.

Hope this helps. JJ