Person:Abner Griffith (4)

m. 25 Jun 1806
  1. John Owen Griffith1807 - 1882
  2. William Abner Griffith1808 - 1891
  3. Sarah M Griffith1810 - 1888
  4. Mary Ann Griffith1813 - 1865
  5. Abner Griffith1814 - 1900
  6. Levi Griffith1816 - 1901
  7. Deborah Griffith1819 - 1898
  8. Jesse Griffith1820 - 1820
  9. Eli Griffith1823 - 1902
m. 13 Aug 1835
  1. David Griffith1836 - 1856
  2. Nehemiah Reighart Griffith1837 - 1921
  3. Elias Griffith1839 - 1864
  4. William Harrison Griffith1841 - 1891
  5. Cyrus Griffith1843 - 1864
  6. Emily Ann Griffith1845 - 1923
  7. Ann Eliza Griffith1846 - 1876
  8. Marie Morilla Griffith1848 - 1929
  9. Uriah Abner Griffith1852 - 1930
  10. Mary Griffith1855 - 1856
  11. Hugh A Griffithabt 1856 - aft 1900
Facts and Events
Name Abner Griffith
Gender Male
Birth[1][3] 26 Sep 1814 Jenner, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States
Marriage 13 Aug 1835 Somerset, Pennsylvania, United Statesin Jenner Free Will Baptist Church
to Mary Sarah Reighart
Will[2] 12 May 1892 Cambria, Pennsylvania, United States
Death? 16 Apr 1900 Stonycreek, Cambria, Pennsylvania, United States
Probate? 17 Apr 1900 Cambria, Pennsylvania, United States
Burial[1] Grandview Cemetery, Cambria, Pennsylvania, United States
  1. 1.0 1.1 Obituary, in Johnstown Daily Tribune (Johnstown, Pennsylvania). (Johnstown, Cambria, Pennsylvania, United States), 17 Apr 1900.

    Abner Griffith: The subject of these lines, whose death was announced in the paper last evening passed away at the home of his son-in-law and daughter - Mr. and Mrs. James D. Penrod - in Stonycreek ___ ___ ___ ___ yesterday afternoon of ___ ___ in advanced age. Mr. Griffith was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Abner Griffith, since being deceased, and was born in Jenner Township, Somerset County, September 26, 1814. He resided in Somerset County following the life of a farmer until 1856, when he ___ ___ and removed his family to Conemaugh Township, Cambria County and there he spent the remainder of his life. Some time after establishing his home there, Conemaugh Township was divided and that part in which his was situated became Stonycreek Township. Upon moving to the ___, Mr. Griffith erected new house ___ ___, and it was this structure, as ___ one evening that was destroyed by fire about a year ago, only last fall a new dwelling was completed and occupied. On August 13, 1853, Abner Griffith and Miss Mary Reighart, of Jenner Township, were united in marriage by Rev. David Law, then pastor of the Jenner Free Will Baptist Church, and to this union were born eleven children: four of whom survive - N. R. Griffith, of Walnut Grove; Emily A., wife of Louis Von Lunen, of the Seventeenth Ward; Merilla, wife of James D. Penrod, who resides on the old homestead in Stonycreek Township; and Hugh A. Griffith, who lives on a portion of the homestead farm. The dead are: Dave, Mary, and Elizabeth; Cyrus, who starved in a Southern prison during the Civil War and died at a hospital in Annapolis. Md.; Elias, who was a soldier and was killed at the Battle of New Market; Annie, wife of Edward Dietzler, who died in Pittsburgh; and William, who departed this life on a farm close to the homestead. Mrs. Griffith, the wife and mother, died April 23, 1891. Mr. Griffith is also survived by two brothers: Levi Griffith, of the Eighth Ward, and Eli Griffith, of Stonycreek Township; and by thirty- six grandchildren and thirty-one great grandchildren. Two brothers, four sisters, seven grandchildren, and twelve great grandchildren of Mr. Griffith are dead. The deceased, who was a farmer all his life, was a loving husband and kind father, an exemplary citizen who held the esteem of all who knew him, and a staunch Republican who was proud of his record of having voted at every Presidential election since that of William Henry Harrison; he was also a lifelong and earnest member of the Free Will Baptist Church. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock from the late home of the deceased, the services being conducted by the Rev. T. W. Perks, pastor of the Walnut Grove United Brethren Church and the Rev. S. T. Mitchell, pastor of the Franklin Street Methodist Church. The remains will be interred in Grandview Cemetery.(Lot owner is James D. Penrod)

  2. Will of Abner Griffith.

    ESTATE: Will dated 12 May 1892. File #6024 (17 Apr 1900). In the name of God Amen!! I Abner Griffith, of the Township of Stony Creek
    in the County of Cambria and State of Pennsylvania, being of sound and
    disposing mind, memory and understanding, hereby make, publish and declare this
    as my last will and testament, hereby revoking and declaring null and void any
    will by me made at any time heretofore.
    And first: I direct all my just debts and funeral expenses and the expense
    of proving and executing this will t be paid: and as to the remainder of my
    Estate I will and dispose of the same as follows--
    Whereas on the 19th day of October A.D. 1889 I entered into seperate
    contracts with the following named children viz: Marilla Penrod, N.R. Griffith,
    Uriah Griffith and Emily Von Luenen and also with my son-in-law Louis Von
    Luenen, in which contracts, for a consideration therein mentioned I sold to
    each of them, severaly, a certain portion or kpurpart of my farm in Stony Creek
    Township, Cambria County, and in said contracts I stipulated and provided, that
    each of said purchasers should pay interest on the purchase money, at a rate,
    therein designated, during the joint lives of myslef and my wife, Mary Griffith
    and the life of the survivor of us and further stipulating and providing that
    the purchase money should be paid in full on the death of such survivor at
    which time it was also stipulated a deed of confeyance should be made to each
    of said purchasers: Now I hereby authorize and direct my hereinafter named
    Executors to make execute and deliver to each of the aprties above named, upon
    their complying with the terms of the contract on their part, a deed of
    conveyance for the land sold to them severaly. And I direct that my Executor,
    Louis Von Luenen, shall make such deed to Nehemiah R. Griffith and my Executor,
    Nehemiah R. Griffith shall make such deeds to Emily von Luenen and Louis Von
    Item:--I give devise and bequeth to my grandchildren being children of my
    deceased son, William griffith, namely: Harrie, May, Gertrude, Pearl, Maud E.,
    Charles, Naomi and Howard Griffith:--the following described real estate
    portions or purparts of my farm situate in Stony Creek Township, Cambria County
    and bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a Chestnut stump, thence
    along line of Joseph Hoffman South fifty-one degrees East, foruty-three and one
    third perches to a post, thence North thirty-four degrees, along line of
    division No. 4, eighty-nine perches to line of division No. 6, thence North
    seventy-two degrees West seventeen and two-tenth perches to a post, Corner of
    Eli Griffith, thence along division No. 2 South fifty-three and three-fourth
    degrees West eighty-four perches to a Chestnut stump, the place of Beginning,
    and being purpart No. 3 on division of land made by S.W. Miller for Abner
    Griffith and containing sixteen acres and one perch.
    Also:--Beginning at a post on the pike on line of land of Eli Griffith
    thence by division No. 9 South fifty-one and one-fourth degrees West sixty
    perches to division No. 7, thence by division No. 7. North thirty-four degrees
    West thrity four and one tenth perches to line of land of Wertz heirs, thence
    North sixteen degrees East twenty-eight and six-tenth perches to land of G.W.
    Wissinger, thence by said Wissinger's land to the Pike, thence along the Pike
    and land of Eli Griffith to the place of Beginning. Being purpart No. 8 on
    division of land aforesaid and containing seventeen acres and onehundred and
    fifty seven perches. Excepting and reserving from this devise two pieces or
    lots of ground. One thereof conveyed to Louis Von Luenen and the other conveyed
    to Jacob Rose. The land hereby devised to my said grandchildren I value at the
    sum of Thirty Two Hundred and Thirty Four and 31/100 ($3234.31) Dollars and
    Charge the said land with the payment of that amount to my Estate by the
    divisees thereof. I further direct that the said land shall be charged with the
    payment to me, or my Attorney in Fact, with interest on the above stated sum at
    the rate of Four (4) percent per annum during my life time. And Whereas some of
    my grandchildren, before mentioned are minors, and during their minority their
    Guardian, Louis Von Luenen has advanced and may continue to advance certain
    sums for their support and maintainance, the same being done at my request. id
    direct that such sums thus advanced, or to be advanced hereafter shall also be
    a charge on the share of said minors in the land above devised to them: And
    Whereas also: the said Louis Von Luenen has advanced and may hereafter contunue
    to advance certain sums of money in payment of the interest above provided for:
    I direct that any sum, thus advanced or to be advanced by him, on account of
    such interest shall be a charge upon the land of my said grandchildren and
    shall be paid by them to said Louis Von Luenen. And I further direct that my
    hereinafter named Executors shall make a deed to my said grandchildren for the
    land above deivsed to them, upon their paying or settling the several charges
    above mentioned.
    Item:--It is my will and I hereby direct that the proceeds arrising from
    the sale of my farm as aforesaid (after deducting whatever may be necessary to
    apy expenses and debts) shall be divided into six equal parts or shares and I
    give and bequeth, to my children and grandchildren, the same as follows
    To my daughter, marilla Penrod, intermarried with James D. Penrod, one
    share or part. To my son, Nehemiah R. Griffith, one share or part. To my son,
    Uriah A. griffith, one share or part. To my daughter, Emily Von Luenen,
    intermarried with Luis Von Luenen, one share or part. to the chidlren of my
    deceased daughter, Annie Ditzler, intermarried with Edward P. Ditzler: namely
    Vernon Ditzler, Abner Ditzler, Edward Ditzler and Cyrus Ditzler, jointly one
    share or part, the same to be divided equaly between the said children share
    and share alike. To the children of my deceased son, William Griffith, namely,
    Harrie Griffith, May Griffith, Gertrude Griffith, pearl Griffith, Maude E.
    Griffith, Charles Griffith, Naomi Griffith and Howard Griffith, jointly one
    share or part, the same to be divided equaly between the said children, share
    and share alike.
    Item:--I authorize and direct my hereinafter named Executors at the time
    of my death to make a careful computation of amounts due on contracts with my
    children and on land devised to the children of my deceased son William and
    after makeing such allowance as in the judgment of my Executors may be proper
    to meet and pay expenses and debts, to allow to each child, a credit on the
    purchase money equal to his or her share in my estate according to the terms of
    above item.
    Item:--I nominate, constitute and appoint my son Nehemiah R. Griffith and
    my son-in-law Louis Von Luenen to be Executors of this my last will and
    In testimony whereof I Abner Griffith the above named testator have
    hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this Twelveth day of May Anno
    Domini One thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety Two.
    Signed, sealed, published and declared by the above named testator, as and
    for his last will and testament, who in his presence and the presence of each
    other and at his request have signed our names hereto as Witnesses thereto:
    /s/ W.H. Frederick /s/ Ivan R. Linton. /s/ Abner Griffith
    He was married to Mary REIGHART (daughter of George REIGHART and Nancy --?--) on 13 Aug 1835 in , Somerset, PA. Mary REIGHART was born on 24 Aug 1810 in , Somerset, PA. She died on 23 Apr 1891 in Stony Creek, Cambria, PA. She was buried on 25 Apr 1891 in Grandview Cem., Johnstown, Cambria, PA. SOURCE: HISTORY OF CAMBRIA COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA by Henry Wilson Storey (1907)

  3. Abner Griffith, in Storey, Henry Wilson. History of Cambria County, Pennsylvania: with genealogical memoirs. (New York; Chicago: Lewis Publishing Co., 1907), Secondary quality.

    Vol 3, p 632 -
    ... (II) Abner Griffith, fourth son of Owen Griffith, born January 22, 1784, died February, 1833. He married Mary, probably an Owen, daughter of John and Sarah Owen, born July 9, 1781, died April 5, 1858. They had children as follows: John, born July 11, 1807. William, born December 10, 1808. Sarah, born November 2, 1810. Mary Ann, born January 17, 1813, died 1865. Abner, born September 26, 1814, see forward. Levi, born September 17, 1816. Deborah, born June 20, 1819. Eli, born November 6, 1823. ...