Person:Abigail Price (2)

Abigail Price
  1. Samuel Price1750 - 1827
  2. Mary Price1758/60 -
  3. Abigail Price1762 -
  4. John Price1766 -
  5. Robert Price1767 -
  6. Zachariah Price1773 - 1802
Facts and Events
Name Abigail Price
Gender Female
Birth? c 1762 Sussex, New Jersey, United States
  1.   Deerfield Massachusetts Massacre.

    An Account of Robert Price of Deerfield, Massachusetts and His Son, Samuel Price of Frankford, New Jersey and Some of Their Descendants by Mr. J Kelsey Jones, Ithaca, NY Privately Printed. A copy of Mr Jones' work can be accessed here: Price History

  2.   Find A Grave.