Person:Abigail Lathrop (4)

m. Bef 14 Jun 1635
  1. Judge Barnabas Lathrop1636 - 1715
  2. Unknown Lathrop1638 - 1638
  3. Abigail Lathrop1639 - 1722
  4. Bathsheba Lathrop1641/42 - 1722/23
  5. John Lathrop1643/44 - 1727
  6. Elizabeth LathropAbt 1646 - 1690
  7. son Lathrop1647/48 - 1647/48
  • HJames ClarkeAbt 1636 - 1712
  • WAbigail Lathrop1639 - 1722
m. 7 Oct 1657
  1. Susanna Clarke1662 -
  2. Bathsheba ClarkeAbt 1682 -
Facts and Events
Name Abigail Lathrop
Alt Name Abigail Lothrop
Alt Name Abigail Lothropp
Gender Female
Christening? 2 Nov 1639 Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Baptism[2][3][4] 3 Nov 1639 Barnstable, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 7 Oct 1657 Massachusettsto James Clarke
Death? 8 Jan 1722 Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Alt Death? 8 Jan 1723
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    "JOHN, Scituate, the first min. was bred at Oxford, if the tradit. may be trusted, but prob. he was there only for a short time, preached, perhaps, at Egerton, in Kent, but certain. in London, where p. Laud caus. him to be impris. for it, for two yrs. in wh. time his w. d. by whom he had all his ch. exc. these by sec. w. Barnabas, bapt. at S. 6 June 1636; Abigail, wh. was bapt. at Barnstable, 3 Nov. 1639, the first in that ch. Bathshua, bapt. 27 Feb. 1642; John, 9 Feb. 1645; and two, wh. d. soon aft. b. 30 July 1638 and 25 Jan. 1650. On liberat. from prison he embark. for Boston 1634, hav. fellow-passeng. Rev. Zachary Symmes, celebr. Ann Hutchinson, and many others, arr. in Sept. and 27th of that mo. went to S. there m. sec. w. Ann, wh. long outliv. him, dying 25 Feb. 1688; On 18 Jan. 1635, the ch. at S. were gather. for enjoy. the benefit of his services, as in Deane's Hist. 167, is told, but the author. ment. that the centenn. annivers. would occur on 7 Jan. 1835, deduct. eleven days, whereas the true annivers. requir. addit. of ten days, must have been 28 of the mo. He rem. to Barnstable with a large part of his flock, 11 Oct. 1639, and was held in honor to his d. 8 Nov. 1653. His will, made 10 Aug. bef. provides for w. the eldest s. Thomas, and Benjamin, beside John, wh. was in Eng. and ds. Jane and Barbara Jane m. 8 Apr. 1635, says her f. Samuel Fuller; Barbara m. 19 July 1638, .... Emerson; and Abigail m. 7 Oct. 1657, James Clark. It is much regretted that no better acco. of this eminent confessor is obtaina. than a descend. of our days compil. in 2 Hist. Coll. I. 163, for in Mather nothing but his name in the list is giv. Ch. beside those already nam. were his sec. and third s. Samuel and Joseph, both brot. from Eng. "

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