Person:Abiah Folger (1)

Abiah Folger
b.15 Aug 1667 Nantucket, MA
d.18 May 1752 Boston, MA
m. Est 1642
  1. Joanna Folger1646 -
  2. Bethiah Folger1647 -
  3. Eleazer Folger1648 - 1716
  4. Dorcas Folger1648 -
  5. Patience Folger1656 - 1717/18
  6. Bathshua Folger1657 - Aft 1726
  7. John Folger1659 - 1732
  8. Abiah Folger1667 - 1752
  9. Experience Folger1670 - 1716
m. 25 Nov 1689
  1. John Franklin1690 - 1756
  2. Peter Franklin1692 - 1766
  3. Mary Franklin1694 - 1731
  4. James Franklin1696/97 - 1734/35
  5. Sarah Franklin1699 - 1731
  6. Ebenezer Franklin1701 -
  7. Thomas Franklin1703 -
  8. Benjamin Franklin1705/06 - 1790
  9. Lydia Franklin1708 - 1758
  10. Jane Franklin1712 - 1794
Facts and Events
Name Abiah Folger
Gender Female
Birth[1] 15 Aug 1667 Nantucket, MA
Marriage 25 Nov 1689 to Josiah Franklin
Death[1] 18 May 1752 Boston, MA
Ancestral File Number 8MR3-1J

Abiah Folger was the mother of Benjamin Franklin. She was born on Nantucket 15 Aug 1667, the ninth and last child of Peter Folger and Mary Morrill. On 19 Aug 1689 she professed her faith and was admitted to membership in the Third or Old South Church in Boston, and on 25 Nov 1689 she married Josiah Franklin, as his second wife. She became step-mother to 5 children from Josiah's first marriage. She and Josiah would have another 9 children together.

A letter from her to Benjamin dated 15 Oct 1751:

I did not rite to you last post but it was becase I was taken with the Stomak ake so bad all day that I coold not set up to rite on any account. My Cozen Kesiah Coffin was hear last week and she was Sorroy that the werkes and letter was not yet printed. She bid me tell you that She Shoold be glad [to know] how soone you coold do them for She wants to have a few of them very much. My Cozen Hiniry Coffin is gon to your place. I am afraid he will get the smalpox thare. I desire you woold advise him not to goe any whare you know or think it has bin and if you have any bisnes with him send him away as fast as you can. I am glad to hear that you are so well respected in your toun for them to chuse you alderman alltho I dont know what it means nor what the better you will be of it beside the honer of it. I hope you will look up to god [and] thank him for all his good providences toward you. He has prospered you much in that place and I am very thankful for it. I hope you will cary well so that you may be liked in all your postes. I am very weeke and short bretht so that I Cant set to rite much altho I slepe well anits [a-nights] and my Coff is better and I have a prity good stumak to my vettels. Pray excuse my bad riting an inditing for all tell me that I am too old to rite letters. I can hardly se and am groud so deff that I can hardly hear any thing that is sed in the house. Love and Sarvis to all frinds from your loving Mother

Abiah would die within the year. She died 8 May 1752 in Boston and is buried in the Old Granary Burial Ground.

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