Pension Statements of the Revolutionary War

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The following table makes use of links to pension applications posted on the Southern Campaigns WebSite. The purpose is to identify person who had service in Southwest Virginia who participated in either the Kings Mountain Campaign, or one of the Cherokee Expeditions of 1776. This list is current as of 10 July 2008, but additional pensions may have been added since that date to the Southern Campaigns site.

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PersonLocale[1]King's MountainChristians Cherokee Expedition
Oreashy Kannon
George Karcher
James Karr
Henry Kea
George Kearsey
Zacharia James Keaton
Simon Keel
Richard Keele
John Keen
William Keen
David Keeton
Isaac Keeton
John Keeton
Christopher Kehela
George Keiser
Leonard Kelch
James Kell
Robert Kell
Devault Keller
Charles Kelley
Lloyd Kelley
William Kelley
Andrew Kelly
Benjamin Kelly
Edmond Kelly
Henry Kelly
James Kelly
John Kelly
William Kelly
William Kelly
Alexander Kelso
James Kelso
Abel Kendrick
Isham Kendrick
William Kenedy
Sherwood Kenneday
Andrew Kennedy
David Kennedy
Isaac Kennedy
John Kennedy
Joseph Kennedy
thomas Kennedy
Samuel Kennerley
Levi Kent
Peter Kent
Christopher Kerby
William Kerby
Daniel Kerr
David Kerr
James Kerr
James Kerr
Joseph Kerr
Nathaniel Kerr
William Kerr
James Kersey
William Kersey
Jacob Kesler
James Kever
James Keys
William Keyser
James H. Kidd
William Kidd
John Kidds
Elijah Kidwell
John Kidwell
Jonathan Kidwell
Kinchen Killebrew
Larrance Killebrew
Jacob Killion
John Killion
John Killion
Samuel Killogh
Robert Killpatrick
James Kincaid
John Kincaid
John Kincaid
Robert Kincaid
Anthony King
Arthur King
Baxter King
Charles King
David King
David King
David King
Edward King
Edward King
Hugh King
James King
James King
James King
John King
John King
John King
Nathan King
Parks King
Peter King
Richard King
Sabrit King
Stephen King
thomas King
thomas King
William King
Michael Kinser
John Kirk
Joseph Kirkham
Michael Kirkham
David Kirkwood
Absalom Knight
Elisha Knight
John Knight
Moses Knight
Moses Knight
William Knight
Hugh Knox
Robert Knox
Samuel Knox
John Koen
Peter Kolb
Isaac Kroesen
Mathew Kuykendall