Passenger List of the Ship "James Goodwill" arrived 11 September 1728

Article Covers
Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Year range
1728 - 1728

Ship "James Goodwill" Passenger List

Information: From [Lists 8A and 8B with variant spellings] "List of Mens Names above 16 years old aboard the JAMES GOODWILL, Mr. David Crokatt, Commander, from Rotterdam to Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, arrived the 11th September, 1728.
There were 37 families, 42 "persons" (males) 16 or older, about 90 individuals in all. Second list mentions that they are Palatines from Rotterdam but last from Deal.

List of Passengers
(Left): Name as listed on List, (Right): Variant (later) Spelling
Ullerig Engelar/Ulrich Englert
Andries Krafft/Andres Krafft
George Graff/Georg Graff
Lan Leendt Holstiender/Johannes Leonhart Holsteiner
Michael Neff/Michel Neff
Jacob Fucks/Jacob Fucks
Matthias Firrumsler/Madtheus Fernssler
Egidius Grim/Johann Egidius Grim
Johannes Gurts/Joannes Gurts
Johan Leendt Keller/Johann Leonhart Keller
Isaac Crison/Isac Crison?
Jacob Herman/Jacob Herman
Thomas Koppenheffer/Thomas Kopenhaver
Christoff Graff/Johann Christoph Groff
Martin Valk/Hans Martin Valck
Hans Michl Ruiter/Hans Mich. Rider
Martin Moeser/Martin Moser
Henderik Phillip Seller/Philips Henrich Soller
Frederik Sholl/Friedrich Scholl
Jacob Beyer/Jacob Bayer
Michl Korr/Michel Kur
Adam Engeler, sick (not on second list)
Loerens Durr/Laurence Dur
Sebastian Durr/Sebastian Dorr
Bartel Eberle/Bartell [Eberle]
Sebastian Eberle/Bastian Eb[erle]
Hans Adam Moesser/Johan Adam Moser
George Shoemaker/Jerg Schuhmacher
Jacob Kun/Jacob Kuhn
Leondr Hicker/Leond Hicker
Johan Caspr Steffer, Senr/Johann Casper Stover, Miss.
Johan Caspr Steffer, Junr/Johan Casper Stover, Ss. Theol. Stud.
Jacob Mekeling/Jacob Mec[kling]
Teobald Mekeling/Theobald Mechling
Hans George Seyler/Hans Jerik Seyler
Jacob Sinc/Jacob Zenck
Hans Veery Bants/Hans Virech Bontz
Andries Stickeler/Andreas Strickel
Hans Jacob Slauss/Hans Jacob Schlauch
Johannes Ruspag/Johannes Ruspag
Hans George Mettler/Hans Jerg Mettler
Adam Summer/Adam Sommer
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