Other Militiamen

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align=centerBut from the borders of southwest Virginia, alarming reports continued to pour into Williamsburg, the Virginia capital. The enemy had penetrated to within thirty miles of Botetourt courthouse, and all settlers upon the Holston and Clinch were gathered within fortified stockades. Impelled by this serious condition, Lord Dunmore took the initiative...calling out the militia of the western counties, and prepared for aggressive measures. Source:Thwaites and Kellogg, 1905:xv.

This is a temporary place holder, capturing the identity of number of individuals that we know were members of the Washington County Militia, yet who do not appear on any of the surviving militia rosters. In some cases this is because they were the leaders of militia units and were the ones keeping the rosters. In some cases we know they served in a militia unit based on their pension statements, but for which no corroborating roster has been identified. This page captures the identity of such individuals, until such a time as they can be worked into the main site design.


Person:Arthur Campbell (7)
Person:William Russell (87)
Person:Daniel Smith (1)
Person:Joseph Martin (1)