Old Augusta Edmondson Tapestry


Old Augusta

There are two primary lines of Edmondson's in Old Augusta prior to the Revolution.

David "Turk" Edmondson David Edmiston, sometimes known as "Turk" to genealogists, proves his importation to America in 1740, settling in Old Augusta on Beverley's Manor. David had several sons, some of whom moved down to Borden's Grant. His children are often confused with the line of William Edmiston (below).

Children of William Edmiston William Edmiston of Old Chester is believed to have had three sons: Robert, John, and David. Robert and John settled on Borden's Grant (modern Rockbridge County), about 1740. Some believe that David moved to western PA, but others believe he moved with his brothers to Borden's Grant. If so, it is possible that he is the David "Turk" Edmondson pointed to above. YDNA evidence might help prove or disprove that idea.