Steve, as I ponder over all that we have researched, a new twist seems to evolve. I believe that WWW was born in NC, and may have come from the same Cherokee Tribe as Nancy Tadpole in Albermarel VA. Buckinghmam came from Albermarle in 1758. Thomas WOODALL met her while in VA and took her to GA. for saddle president on John s’s page Geni

On Wed, Jan 29, 2020 at 11:54 AM Susan Beech <> wrote: Totally awesome,  I am stunned right now that Wiki hasnt figured a way that It wrong .  I'm sure they are looking that is okay because so am I.  Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama is the tribe the man from the article  enrolled in.  Could they be my grandfather's people? 

On Wed, Jan 29, 2020 at 11:47 AM <> wrote: sorry, somehow I missed this email..  I would add a "See Also Additional References of Family and Historical Informations" (Note - non-sourced data/stories/etc)  then put the  with maybe something in bold at the beginning "refers to use of word/name" >Black> & "refers to Native American Ancestry" -( put link here )

the other link with its story, again I would place it in the same manner under these See Also Additional Ref of Fam and Hist. Info.. because again, the researcher author doesn't give any sources for how they came up with this stuff.  Unless you contact them, and get their sources from there, its' all just conjecture and stories. it bites but is the way genealogy works. unless its from the mouth/diary/bible of the person who was alive at the time & wrote it themselves.

On Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 7:08 AM Susan Beech <> wrote: Would you please check and see if these would be trustworthy or can be believed? or not? the part that's relevant is in bold.  1. William is my 2nd GP.  2. My great-grandfather name was Noah Black Woodall.  I could never find why his middle name was Black.  There is an explanation towards the middle of the article that might explain where it came from.  Hamilton County Pioneer 1. William Woodall, father of Daniel Washington Woodall, served throughout the four years of the war, including the action at Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge. He told of riding on horseback from Lookout Mountain to Missionary Ridge and was stopped by a Yankee who cursed him but let him ride on. He fought in one of the last major battles of the war near Richmond for 20 straight hours and had a number of horses shot from under him. A naturalist and animal lover, he bemoaned the loss of each horse. He hid in a tree at the end of the war to escape capture and walked toward Decatur for three months until his shoes had worn away and his clothes were in tatters. William Woodall married Ellen Means, whose father, John Means, was born in Tennessee and married Dorcas Ann Kennedy, another Tennessee native. The Means family was originally from near Charlotte, N.C. William Woodall was a son of John Woodall, who was born in Georgia in 1799. John Woodall and his brother, Zephaniah Woodall, came to Alabama at about the time it was being formed into a state (1819). They hailed from near Milledgeville, Ala. The Woodall brothers married two Vest sisters, who were believed to be the daughters of Valentine Vest, who lived near Milledgeville. Mrs. Roy Roberts said the Woodalls had Indian blood. 2. Roy Roberts said Isaac Roberts was called “Black Isaac.” He said the apparent reasons were that he had a very dark complexion and that he would often get into a stormy and dark mood. He said he was told that children were afraid of him. Black Isaac was a talented woodworker, making many beautiful objects out of walnut (the families might of been around each other enough to make it name? maybe?) Also this article,I don't know how much it can be relied on. 

Would I be able to use these to explain my grandfather's suntan. LOL.  I know primary sources and I will start trying to find there school records ect..    I just want to make sure I not  just wasting my time again What do you think will these be of benefit to my grandfather's profile??

Jan 30 2020,

WILLIAMS The name Williams in Robeson may be White, Black or "mulatto" but most are White. The Lumbee family is thought to descend from James Williams, b. c 1749, a "mulatta boy," bound as an apprentice to William Armstrong in Cumberland County, North Carolina (Heinegg, 2002, p. 746). The surname appears as mulatto in the 1790 census of Sampson County thus making it probably Lumbee. The name was self-identified as Indian in the 1900 Census and listed in the 190

VALENTINE This is possibly a Lumbee name as found in the 1768 and 1786 tax lists of Bladen and in the 1790 census of Robeson. A man named Valentine acted as chain carrier for James Lowry in an early grant survey. It was a numerous name in early Carolina. Henry Valentine appeared on a tax

Hello. I need to detach my John Woodall as the husband of Dorothy Pledge. This report shows that Johnaton Woodall who married Lincy Harvey and is the father of William M Woodall who married Mary Vest is my Grandfather.

I know I have detached from Dorothy Pledge earlier due to the

My Grandfather and the Truck Ride

Unfinished and Unedited

The Cedar Mount Cementary Transcript

We were visiting at my Grandfather's (he was called Floyd) house in Alabama, my mother, me and my brother Charles. I remember it had a pretty steep large hill beside the house that was hard to climb up, covered in leaves. My brother and I would go to the top and slide down (it was fast) on the leaves.

On one of my rest breaks sprawled on the ground, he called to me that if I wanted to take ride. I thought for sure I was going be in troube because I had been pestering him all day about the stones I had tripped over behind the church. He told my brother to stay there we'd be back and my mother didn't come either. He said he wanted to talk to me.

I was excited he picked me to go on a ride, but worried he was gonna get on me for pestering. That is not what happened, but he talked about it in a way I will never forget.

Basic - He said as we drove up and down the hills in Alabama that as far as I could see used to be ours. And the white man took it and now he was destroying it. We drove down to what he said was a Man-made Lake that they had just put in and said they were destroying everything they took. They were making the Land sick. He was not at all happy with it. At all.

My mom said the land had belonged to her mother the Peoples owned it, so I was real confused. But I understood he did not like what they were doing to what he consider his land... it was personal to him. So it is to me. Thats it.

So in a nut shell I think this might be a long involved memory.

I feel I should get his old address and find that man-made lake he disliked so much.

The stones behind the church that I tripped over were from Native Americans he said. There are over a hundred unmarked unknown people behind the Cedar Mount Baptist Church . Grandpa said they were from the people that lived here before the white man came and took it.

I'd like to sweeten this up some but just telling it like it is is like it was.

I suppose I should explain about what happened behind the church I was pestering about. My Mother had come to the Cedar Mount Cementary to visit my Uncle Howard who had past. She told me we were related to everyone in that graveyard somehow. While she went in to talk with the Pastor I ran around into the woods surrounding the church. I was running amoungst the trees and brush when I was tripped I landed flat but didn't hit my face. We I picked my head I could see all through the brush these stones. Some had writting but so faded, in a reddish color. I knew that they were old and too a kid everything is old, but this was different. I knew it was old all of them were and they were everywhere that I could see around me.

When I finally got back to the church, I turned around and remember thinking if a war or something had happened there. There were so many of them. I would of asked my Mother about it but by then she was tired and said I was pestering her. So I pestered Grandfather and boy did I hear him speak we were on that ride for awhile. I didnt ask him any question then because I knew he was serious and telling something he felt was very important at least to him and there was no room for questions, he just talked. I think he really truly loved the land and was disgusted with them altering and plundering the earth itself. That is mainly what he talked about.

He did say white man and he did say they took the land and now they were destroying it. I'm a white person but I knew he wasn't talking about me and the way he said it it didn't sound weird.

I gotta tell you on that ride I did not understand or comprehend alot of what he was saying while he was talking. But I listened well because I had never heard my Grandfather talk so much and he meant what he was saying no doubt. We were on that ride I'm guessing a hour or so, because my Mother said she had started to get worried when we got back. I remember feeling a little numb when we got back, like my head had gotten alot of talking to

I just looked at the transcripts (the link is up by the title) they have changed out the old markers for other ones. I sure hope they kept the old stones, they had personality an essense, can't really describe the feeling. The brush has been cut down apparently much futher out into the woods. The stones went back a long ways or too a kid at that time they seemed to not end.

Arorasky Email Ok I think I need to clear something up for u that I didn't find out till I'd been on wktr  at least 3 years. I see you have posted comments on some pages asking to collaborate w pm s on some profiles. Here's the thing if profile is open you have every wktr right to add bio info w sources..but make sure you are adding ONLY RECORD SOURCES 1st meaning brth cert, bapt, chrstng, school recs census docs, hospital recs, arrest recs newspaper articles, mtg rec div rec, birth announcements, land grants p, Wills, notary rec, property sales, military or government or state employment recs, sons of revolution, daughter revolution, parish church recs, internment recs, pic of actual stones should come from the cemetery itself online thru Google search not from find a grave unless backed up with source like obit. Notice.... again.. additional researcher NOTES can be added .  If the profile doesn't have squat on it.the pm forgot about it or just hasn't had time for it. Only time u must contact pm first is if you want to change birth  death mtg or parents ..If u want to add a child just add them but b sure u have undeniable proof that child keeps arguments and misunderstandings at bay.